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Posted Wednesday, August 12, 2015 // 0 comments (+)
So my birthday just passed.

Honestly its quite unbelievable thinking how i just celebrate my birthday last year, August 1. And then I had birthday again this year.

I couldn't be more thankful to those who celebrated my birthday.

Thank you my colleagues for birthday lunch treat at Absolute Thai.
Thank you my other colleagues for celebrating my birthday at GeoVenture, and also planned so many surprises for me. I felt sooo happy.
Thank you my family for coming up and have dinner with us and also bought us cakes.
Thank you my friends for bringing us to dinner and brunch during our birthdays.
And also not forgetting those birthday wishes........ ^_^

Seriously I think we had 7 cakes, perks of being triplets. LOL. I'm not complaining!  :P I'm just filled with gratefulness and happiness. Though I might not show it so obvious, I really do feel happy deep down inside my heart, and everytime I browse through those photos, and all these beautiful memories flashback, I'll smile.

This year birthday, I received an unplanned birthday gift. A huge huge surprise - I passed 1 of the killer paper.

I'M SO HAPPY BEYOND WORDS! Thank you Jesus for the gift! I couldn't imagine if I failed that. T__T

Anyways, a year older a year wiser. I hope this goes to every single one of you out there too.

Be kind, be confident. Work hard for your future yo!

Posted Monday, January 26, 2015 // 0 comments (+)
Currently playing :

so much feeling going on right now.

still remember i used to hear Beyond when i was just a small girl.

sitting inside my aunt and uncle's car... going places at night.

i love my aunt and uncle very much, they're the closest to me after my parents.

this song definitely reminds me of them very very much. i don't have everythinggg during my childhood but definitely showered with love by them.

I miss you very much uncle. RIP in heaven. :')
Posted Friday, January 31, 2014 // 0 comments (+)
Hellololololo! I'm at Seremban right now celebrating CNY! Huhu.

But no lah first day of my CNY sucked. No where to go. Even went Jusco to buy movie : From Vegas to Macau! But all full wtf. Actually no full la just I see the queue also damn sien.

Then went MBO to find, its sold out. HAIHHHHH. So only go out yumcha with the bunch la.

Oh btw I diarrhea 10 times in 1 day. WTF.... T_T I was feeling super duper sleepy, having a superb night sleep BUT then my stomach starts having tornado. And I woke up diarrhea for another 10 times wtf. Plus my neighbour had been talking/shouting damn loud. Thank you for being so considerate!

Anyone up for sing k? IM ALL UP FOR IT. :D

Have an enjoyable one ok! hehe.
Posted Sunday, January 05, 2014 // 0 comments (+)
It has been really long since I felt alive and kicking. I am alive but I felt so sick for the past few weeks!

Had fever on and off.. Major cough until my head also damn pain T_T and flu.. sorethroat bla bla bla. Haih.

Life had been hard on me wtf. But now.. I can finally see the light!

Not forgetting, just now had family din with parents! We went to Kensington, my favourite western restaurant. Really.. After searching high and low for similar priced western food in KL, I found none. I went franchise restaurants, non franchises one like in Bangsar. Some food over Bangsar are nice but all damn exp. If eat like this everyday give me tons of money also not enough.

So it was actually my idea to go. I didn't even ask my mom and dad to go because I know they don't like western. I just want 3 of us to have dinner over there and then go back to KL. I took a nap around 5pm, woke up and mom went up and smiled. She said : Wah wanna go Kensington eat ah? Me : *smiles* yeah.. Mom : Ok.. we tag along also!! Hehe eat good food!

My heart just melt at that moment. I know they've accepted alot of food other than chinese food just because we want to eat them (T________T) they tried Japanese food because we said we love jap food. They tried western because we love it as well. And today my mom was super excited and happy to go for western food! I'm super touched at the moment.

Of course we had lots of good chit chat session with parents over dinner. And what makes me happier is.. My sis and I paid for that meal!! Felt like I've achieved so much hahaha. But really. The more I'm with my family, the more I felt the existence of my responsibility.

Right now I'm paying for the rental myself, which is a good step. Phone bill.. Duh.. House bill.. DUH..Sooner or later I'll have to pay for the car bill (T____T) which is a bomb. So even if you earn alot, minus all these all u left are peanuts!!! So long my high tea eat expensive food life. I can only manage to do so during the weekends. Haih. When you start to earn money and when you start to really pay for things you will instantly grow up. LOL.

Ok thats it. haha till next time.
Posted Thursday, December 26, 2013 // 0 comments (+)
Never thought I would ever say this but...


Whenever you wake up there's friends. whenever you're hungry there's friends! whenever you're feeling bored there's friends!

Sigh after working in KL all of my friends just went all over. Most of them went Singapore to work. That makes me wanna go there work too. (only for friends lol) but another part of me wanna stay in KL because of my parents. I don't wanna leave them alone in Seremban every weekend. Even nowadays they always come up to find us for dinner. If I went Singapore its not complete anymore.

I know to have a wild and aggressive heart you just gotta go out. Go out of the state, even out of the country.
But at the moment, I just can't leave them alone.... I wanna at least hang out with them every month! Maybe I will go overseas and work one day.. But most probably not lol. However if I were given that chance to go for a few months ONLY, YEAH I WILL!LOL

The only perks of not studying anymore - you get to spend the money you earned! But that comes with a bigger liability such as car loans, rentals, bills and so on. So the leftovers are just peanut. =.=' I gotta cut down on enjoying expensive food. I can minus all the entertainments BUT movies! I loveeeee movies!

Another perks of not studying is you HAVE NO MORE EXAMMMMM! Super happy with that cuz I super hate exam.

Haih. Still...... I super miss my study life.. Anytime can go mamak anytime can go hang out anytime have friends all around me. 
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