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Posted Wednesday, August 12, 2015 // 0 comments (+)
So my birthday just passed.

Honestly its quite unbelievable thinking how i just celebrate my birthday last year, August 1. And then I had birthday again this year.

I couldn't be more thankful to those who celebrated my birthday.

Thank you my colleagues for birthday lunch treat at Absolute Thai.
Thank you my other colleagues for celebrating my birthday at GeoVenture, and also planned so many surprises for me. I felt sooo happy.
Thank you my family for coming up and have dinner with us and also bought us cakes.
Thank you my friends for bringing us to dinner and brunch during our birthdays.
And also not forgetting those birthday wishes........ ^_^

Seriously I think we had 7 cakes, perks of being triplets. LOL. I'm not complaining!  :P I'm just filled with gratefulness and happiness. Though I might not show it so obvious, I really do feel happy deep down inside my heart, and everytime I browse through those photos, and all these beautiful memories flashback, I'll smile.

This year birthday, I received an unplanned birthday gift. A huge huge surprise - I passed 1 of the killer paper.

I'M SO HAPPY BEYOND WORDS! Thank you Jesus for the gift! I couldn't imagine if I failed that. T__T

Anyways, a year older a year wiser. I hope this goes to every single one of you out there too.

Be kind, be confident. Work hard for your future yo!

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