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Posted Sunday, January 05, 2014 // 0 comments (+)
It has been really long since I felt alive and kicking. I am alive but I felt so sick for the past few weeks!

Had fever on and off.. Major cough until my head also damn pain T_T and flu.. sorethroat bla bla bla. Haih.

Life had been hard on me wtf. But now.. I can finally see the light!

Not forgetting, just now had family din with parents! We went to Kensington, my favourite western restaurant. Really.. After searching high and low for similar priced western food in KL, I found none. I went franchise restaurants, non franchises one like in Bangsar. Some food over Bangsar are nice but all damn exp. If eat like this everyday give me tons of money also not enough.

So it was actually my idea to go. I didn't even ask my mom and dad to go because I know they don't like western. I just want 3 of us to have dinner over there and then go back to KL. I took a nap around 5pm, woke up and mom went up and smiled. She said : Wah wanna go Kensington eat ah? Me : *smiles* yeah.. Mom : Ok.. we tag along also!! Hehe eat good food!

My heart just melt at that moment. I know they've accepted alot of food other than chinese food just because we want to eat them (T________T) they tried Japanese food because we said we love jap food. They tried western because we love it as well. And today my mom was super excited and happy to go for western food! I'm super touched at the moment.

Of course we had lots of good chit chat session with parents over dinner. And what makes me happier is.. My sis and I paid for that meal!! Felt like I've achieved so much hahaha. But really. The more I'm with my family, the more I felt the existence of my responsibility.

Right now I'm paying for the rental myself, which is a good step. Phone bill.. Duh.. House bill.. DUH..Sooner or later I'll have to pay for the car bill (T____T) which is a bomb. So even if you earn alot, minus all these all u left are peanuts!!! So long my high tea eat expensive food life. I can only manage to do so during the weekends. Haih. When you start to earn money and when you start to really pay for things you will instantly grow up. LOL.

Ok thats it. haha till next time.
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