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Posted Monday, April 26, 2010 // 1 comments (+)

It is such a bless to have someone who you like, likes you back.

Because most of the time, I don't.

Even if a damn good looking guy suddenly come up and confess to me, I don't know what will I react either.

I can't even imagine how its like to be in a real relationship.

I can't imagine what kinda person I'll turn into when I'm in a relationship.

Being in a relationship, there's lots of commitment you have to give into. Both must sacrifice.  You'll be so emotional, so care for that person until you lose yourself. So scary right.....

I wish I can just don't think so much and dip myself into one real relationship and work it out against all odds.  But often serious relationship won't work as long as non-serious one. Blame it on the stress and seriousness. And I don't know what's withdrawing me back.

The fear of being commited in a relationship, the fear of falling in love, the fear of thinking about my future.

I guess the past experiences suck, that's why I feel so insecure toward love.  And I know I shall not generalize nor assume all the relationships in this world will eventually turn out to be a failure.

According to an article I've read in my MUET exam, it says due to stress, you will seem to withdraw yourself from being commited to any relationship/responsibility. You just want to be alone sometimes, so that you'll be stress-free.
But the fact is, no one can live without stress. When one's without stress, one's dead. How true can that be?

Somebody help me. T_______T

P/s : I've GOT to read more newspapers.

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