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Posted Thursday, November 05, 2009 // 5 comments (+)

Girls, have you ever confessed to any guys you like before??

Frankly to me, I never did that before even once. -_-''

I've never told anyone I like him EVEN if I really do.

Maybe I have no guts, maybe I just don't wanna be rejected.

Sometimes, even if I know he likes me too, but I just won't speak out.. Shy I guess???

I am always worrying about... What if he rejects me? Will I be damn sad? Will I ever regret confessing to him? Will I make myself sound desperate and cheap?

I'd rather keep my own feelings deep down inside my heart, than telling out. So sometimes I do miss out some chances of being together with, and I know I should tell out how I feel instead of being quiet all along.. But still, when it comes to that particular moment when its time to confess, I still find it damn hard to open my mouth..

Sometimes I really admire those girls who dare to confess to the boys they like. I really love their guts. Because that is exactly what I lack of.

Even if they are being rejected, at least they fight for it.

They tell out, they express their feelings out nakedly.

They dare to fight for their own true love.

They believe the guy deserves to know.

Because they believe in this...

And they have no regrets....

Some feel sad even if she's being rejected, while some will just feel disappointed, and move on with her own life with an optimistic mind that she will, some day find someone who mutually loves her back as well.

I was being brought up in such a way that I will never ever confess to the guy I like. The most also, hint lo. But I guess the guy gets it also la. But I will normally wait until the guy say it out first. xD

I guess that's girls, right? Despite the sexual equality, I still, somehow, feel that a guy should do what a guy should do. =)

Don't mind this post, I'm just blabbing and expressing my feelings out. RANDOM! xD

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