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Posted Sunday, November 10, 2013 // 0 comments (+)

You no longer feels satisfied when you had a super long hours of sleep, because you have none. And even if its a holiday to you, you still wakes up automatically around 8+.. Then slowly 10+ and you decided if you continue sleeping like this, it becomes meaningless, so you might as well want to wake up and do your own thing.

You no longer feel the need to hang out outside all day with your friend, you actually CRAVE for free time at home, getting all comfy in your home pajamas with your phone or your book (if you're feeling like it) or your laptop catching up on youtube or dramas that you feel like rewarding yourself that time.

You no longer feel the rejection after you propose a plan and people turn it down because you realize you can have equal awesome time with yourself at your own comfy home.

You no longer feel the need for TGIF because you still have classes on the weekends at 830 (although I always went late, sometimes super late). You no longer crave for a good pint of beer, you no longer crave for late night outings.

You no longer feel the need to stay on one social website for long because you simply doesnt have the time to do so.

You no longer feel that much awkward with new friends because you have so many other things in your mind than thinking about : ''Okay this is awkward......'' all the time.

You no longer listen to earphones during work because it gets boring when only music is running through your ears, and not human communication.

You no longer feels lonely when you're doing something alone because you know none of your friends actually can make it to be there for you all the time.

You no longer feel weird eating alone in a restaurant because you know you're not the only one doing so.

You start to appreciate good friends that stay truth and stay with you.

You start to cherish every single nights of sleep in your hometown and appreciate seeing your parents everytime you can because thats rare and precious to you.

That pretty much sums up the current me. Lol so different from last time I know. But I'm not the only one experiencing this I'm sure.

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