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Posted Saturday, November 23, 2013 // 0 comments (+)
Dinner or yumcha will never be the same..... When people are constantly checking on their phone! Its like its GLUED to their hand. That's so annoying.

Maybe I was once like that.. Maybe I am right now (But I swear I don't really do that anymore when I'm with people) because the social media kept on saying this is wrong this is wrong and eventually, you feel guilty by doing it!

I really really dislike when the movie has finished, someone kept on checking the phone non stop...  When we're having dinner, someone kept on checking the phone non stop as well. What I'm sayin is NON STOP. Sigh. I actually miss watching movie with Ken, because right after movie all we did was.. TALK TALK TALK TALK. Its really good to have long conversations and talkative moments with friends don't you think so? That's the purpose of... I don't know, COMMUNICATING?! HANGING OUT?! Whats the point of you kept on checking your phone all the time! You might as well go out alone lor. Got phone can already mah. wtf la

Why don't you show some respect when you're having dinner/hanging out with someone?

Imagine, you are having yumcha session with just 1 of your friend, and he/she just kept on TEXTING WHATSAPPING TWEETING FACEBOOKING and you're just there like..... invisible. When the food came you just kinda enjoy it like... you're invisible..

This is truly what I would call disrespect and I never wanna see such thing again.

If you have something important to do or what, please do tell beforehand before people actually got mad at you or think that they bored you? Like if you're in the middle of arguments or in the middle of hearing other people rant or something like that, you just say : Hey sorry, my friend had problems so I gotta comfort her and stuffs like that. If you never tell people just assume the phone is more interesting than the one standing beside you.

I'm not saying you can't check on your phone all the time. I know you do it I do it everyone does it especially those with data plan. But when you are with SOMEONE, please show some respect by putting your phone inside your pocket or bag, and engage a conversation with that person! OK?!

Grr! So mad!
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