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Posted Thursday, October 10, 2013 // 0 comments (+)
I'm the kinda girl who loves to scold people or call people names or insult people to show that I love them. I feel really secure doing that and I'm sure I'm not the only one out there!

Sometimes when people are sooo polite to me I will never get close to them, because I'm always so careful around them. How to be best friend when you're not 100% yourself ?

That's why whenever I call you named or I insult you or I show you the middle finger that means I really love you deep down inside. That I can be my true self with you and that I have my trust on you.

I especially love it when I say something stupid or silly then my friend flick me off. hahahahaa I LOVE IT!

I can't really get comfortable with people who are always so loving, so polite and so careful with their words or actions around people. I mean chillax mannnnn...

However I do love people say dear darling baby to me as well. WHO DON'T. But I love to have someone that I can be lovely to and be rude too.

Ok let's talk about temper.

I know alot of guys get mad for girls being jealous all the time, or just being bad tempered all the time. But trust me when they are like this, it means they care for you, a lot a lot. Like a burning fiery fire. When there's no arguments or no jealous inside a relationship, that relationship is NOT healthy at all! People tend to break up when the relationship is smooth. A smooth sea never make a good sailor! Same goes to a smooth relationship never make a good couple!

I understand at times when girls get jealous its really immature. When girls get angry its really quite annoying. So girls, tune that down a bit to an acceptable level.

But guys, do not let go the girl who scold you or be jealous at you. When they stopped being so, that's when they are getting jealous/angry at ANOTHER guy. Thats the time you have to worry, right?

So don't hope for a major mood/temper change in women. It ain't gonna happen. That's how we show love too. Like... how my mom scold me allllllllll theeeeeee timeeeeeeeeee. wtf
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