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Posted Monday, September 09, 2013 // 0 comments (+)
Been cooking ALOT lately. Almost everyday if we didn't go out eat/tapao. And I have to say....


Honestly my mom can cook damn nice noodles. But when it comes to home cooked dishes she can just do it mediocre. (I still enjoy eating them though but deep down honestly, others can cook way better than her)

And in order to really master culinary like chinese food, western food, malay food, indian food and so on, its DAMN hard to master! You know the prepping work you have to do before you cook? Like washing the veges, peeling and cutting the annoying onions, peeling and cutting the garlic, defrost stone cold chicken. Everything takes good time management and also efforts. Therefore culinary is one HELL of a job.

But nothing... is... easy... =(

Working is hard as well. Studying is hard as well. Mastering in sports is hard as well. I'm talking about MASTERING, not just doing. Everyone can work.Everyone can pass in their studies, everyone can play good sports. But what I'm saying is really mastering in it. Its pretty damn hard.

The only solution to me in getting there is.. Love and passion.

Sadly, I haven't found something that I really really love yet and put all my heart into it.

That's really sad. lol

I wanna feel like I love my job so much that I don't even feel like I'm doing some obligatory job.

Can I.. in the future?


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