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Posted Thursday, August 15, 2013 // 0 comments (+)
Warning : This isn't any inspiring post. Its a rant post. Read at your own risk, don't judge. Just read and listen please.

Today I had a really really really bad day.

1) My data used up therefore when I wanna use internet outside its super slow. You all know how annoying that is. Furthermore I need to navigate around KL. NO GPS = get lost. So yeah today I got lost also. Nothing new.

2) House unifi not working. IDK why its connected but the speed like cheapest package. (You all know how frustrating it feels like to deal with this slowness for one whole day) Haih hope tomorrow will be better.

3) Nothing to eat at home. Until I had milo for my brunch and dinner T_____________T
I should reaaaaaally go and stock up something to eat at home, will do that tomorrow.

4) Digi is being a bitch. I don't wanna hate but I'm so dependent on my phone already and still its not working the way I want it to deliver! Nothing efficient about it today, make me wanna go switch to Maxis straight. Bad move digi, baddddddd bad move.

5) Spilt my food. Right after I ate it so thank God for that lol. And I spilt it on my laptop, a small area so thank God for that too. That's just me man, Steph.. Never stop spilling/ dropping things.. Idk why..

6) Had a nap from 5pm - 10pm and right now Im wide awake at 12:32am and I need to wake up at 745 tomorrow. FML for this man. I forgot to put alarm during my nap hours and thought I will wake up when someone Whatsapp me or call me. But I mute my phone also. FML steph FML. So ended up I woke up at 10pm. All the shops are closed and I can only have milo as my dinner.. again.

OK I think thats it. Feels sooo much better to have spilt it out. I miss having my friends around me....If they're here I will talk talk talk talk talk until my moody feelings ALL GONE.......That's why I love my friends man.. T_T
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