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Posted Tuesday, August 13, 2013 // 0 comments (+)
I love it when my friends read my blog. I even love it when someone bookmarked it. I felt so... Touched and so happy someone actually love to read it. I don't care whether they're ke po or what. At least they cared! :)))

Every single fking time I listen to Make you feel my love by Adele and Someone like you, my eyes got all teary. Not to say LIVE PERFORMANCE. She can definitely sing effortlessly and make you melt in love.

She asked the audience to switch on their phone and then she dim down the lights, to make it look like a galaxy and then she sings Make you feel my love to Amy Winehouse. T__________T

When the audience sings Someone like you together with her I lagi T___________________T

Haih... Its not like I'm having some bitter memories with this song or what not but...thats why its so touching! I don't think of anything in particular and just got touched deeply by this song. Her live performance are 5 freaking stars i tell you! Go download Adele Live in Royal Albert Hall and you will know why...

Direct link to download Adele Live @ Royal Albert Hall

T_____T such an emotional and awesome show.

Suddenly I do do do miss how its like being in love.. I enjoy and definitely love it when someone whatsapp you, reply you on twitter, like your status in facebook, like your photo in instagram, skype with you, talks on the phone with you, facebook message you and all that stuff.. Its really really nice to be able to smile when you're chatting with someone. How I miss that moment =(

BUT, I won't risk stepping into a fail relationship just to have those moment. Gotta take care of our girls' fragile heart sometimes aight! Its really so fragile you can never imagine.
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