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Posted Wednesday, August 07, 2013 // 0 comments (+)
I don't go around disguising who i am. 

I don't go around PRETENDING my life is awesome and shit.

I don't go around acting cute to gain popularity.

I don't go around sounding super positive when I'm really living a shitty life.

If I'm happy, I show it.

If I'm sad, I try my best to hide it and if I can't, I show it still.

Cuz thats just who I am. Imperfect (duh) but at least not fake.

I used to promise someone I will never ever curse anymore. But fuck it you're not giving me a good example. In fact, you're the one who make me wanna curse so much cuz I hate you soo much.

If saying vulgar words can make you feel so much better then.. Why not? I did not misuse it, I just use it when I'm fucking stressed up and fucking mad at something. I don't wanna live my life pleasing others that don't deserve my respect anymore.

Mom and dad, I know you love me. But what I really want right now, is you guys to support me. Not pouring cold water on decision I'm FORCED to make.

Think about why I make such decision before you disapprove them or even being sarcastic, ok?

I can choose to just goyang kaki at home, wake up naturally everyday but please think, why I don't choose to do that?


That moment when you realize you can never count on anyone. Cuz they're the one counting on you, and expect you to be strong and never break down.

This fucking sucks.
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