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Posted Wednesday, August 14, 2013 // 0 comments (+)
I came to a point where I have NOTHING TO DO until I opted to sleep early with Kristy.

Nah obviously I'm still awake in front of my trusted old laptop at this hour cuz ..... I'm hooked up with Hell's Kitchen Season 11 WTF ahhahhaah.

I love anything with Gordon Ramsay inside lah okay. End of story. Period.

I'm feeling super duper boring and lonely right now, URGING to go socialize and have some fun or do something productive!

It sucks to do things alone.. When people around you already have gf/bf they will be like, AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR YOU. And I'm like....... /.\ okayyy I'll get all my jobs done alone.

Good friends are hard to find nowadays, super rare. True, honest, inspiring friends are super hard to find. Especially at my age. FML FML FML. Maybe I should shake my wechat and know more people around me and start to get out with them. A new way to meet friends I guess WTF. JK I don't even have wechat.

Kristy woke up early and go back to sleep early cuz she has job to do. Sounds routine and boring but at least she's occupied! And me? Idle, nothing to do.

I know many people will be like Damn steph cherish every moment right now cuz you will definitely regret if you didn't when you come out and work in the future! Yea yea yea I do cherish these freedom but when you're given too much of idle time you will get so sick of it. I even thought of picking up drawing skills LOL

Haih I'm searching every single day to get occupied. Hope that day comes real soon.

Signing off,
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