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Posted Saturday, July 20, 2013 // 0 comments (+)
So I hung up with my buddy recently, and he told me stuffs about his friends and all that.

Idk, it got quite sentimental to a point where I really wanna cry lol cuz he said he appreciated my sacrifices : I still made time to lepak with him eventhough I need to wake up damn early the next day.

He told me he has really, really super true friends that SWEARS to be there whenever he has trouble.

Everytime he doesn't have money, the friend cover up for his expenses a lil bit.

Everytime he doesn't have money to pump petrol, the friend pumps full tank for him and reload his touch & go RM50.

Everytime he doesn't have transport and has to take bus, the friend will make sure he send him all the way back to the place he wanna go.

His uncle passed away and his other best friend lend him a car he just got just to drive all the way down to a far far place.

Everytime even if he is so damn broke he will still make sure he finds time travel all the way to their friend's place to hang up with them, catch up with each other.

He overheard the girlfriend and his best friend were arguing about why the guy spent a bit too much time with the friends and his friend replied : I swear to you you can never find friends like him anywhere else.

After I listen to all these I really wanna cry.

Such people do exist? Like seriously?! They will do whatever the shit you want without having second thoughts?

They will just be there for you whenever you need help cuz you guys are buddies and thats what buddies are for?

They will make sure the guy got beaten up badly if they ever hurt you?


I used to be that kinda person too. But thanks to some really unforgettable betrayals I've got from treating my ''friends'' super good, I stopped being so kind to people. I felt stupid, I felt used.

FUCK those people who took people's kindness for granted. Yes fuck you.

Therefore, I'll treat them the way they treat me first. I hate this part of myself. But I'm really just protecting myself .... Still, I hate it.

I duno what have I done to deserve such buddies like you guys.

I love love love love you guys a lot. My best friends forever.

Thanks, I see hope again right now!
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