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Posted Friday, June 21, 2013 // 0 comments (+)
The last time I remember I was crying so hard while watching a movie was King Kong few years back.

Today I experienced the same thing by watching Million Dollar Baby.

If you're running out of movies to watch, please do download this and watch it! Damn awesome I tell you.

By awesome I mean this show will touch your heart in a way you will never expect.

Another awesome movie I've watched is :

Good Will Hunting. This was a show about a math prodigy who refused to take that one shot from becoming who he's meant to be with the help of his psychiatrist.

Well this also I cried but I didn't cry as much as Million Dollar Baby.

They're both DAMN GOOD.

Other than that I've watched Man Of Steel but I wasn't really impressed. Friends thought it was so awesome they watched it twice but I don't know, I just felt I didn't really enjoy that much right after the show.

I'm not a hardcore movie reviewer or a hardcore movie freak. I just love to watch movies and get the meaning of the movies that I can never experience in my life (or maybe I will, just a matter of time) and then just call it a day. I barely even know who is the director, who is the actor and stuff. But after I enter MMU and due to influences from my friends I started to pick up some movie knowledge by learning who was the director, actors and actresses behind it. Felt pretty good!

Let's blog about our Singapore trip!!

It was my first time went to Singapore with my sister during weekday. We sorta backpack-ed there and thank God my friend has place for us to stay in Singapore so we didn't have to spend any money in accommodation which can cost a bomb.

But we didn't have enough time to travel to visit my cousin and other friends though. Its okay there's always next time!

We went ION Orchard as our first stop : I've gotta visit their best shopping mall! So we went everywhere by taking MRT. Super convenient but it took us damn long to finally reach ION. We went there to have some tea time by purchasing some pastries! We, the pastry twin never wanna miss any good-looking pastries.

Ready to see what's inside?! hahaha

Caramel Tart! I've always had good experiences with caramel so I don't wanna miss this out!

Berry Tart! This is so bad cuz its too sour.

Lemon tart, not that nice. Lol

Signature Chocolate Cake by Awfully Chocolate!

Why do we even buy this?
We went through the directory searching for a nice place to chill before meeting up with Sufen, then we saw this : Awfully chocolate and we were instantly being attracted by it! Awfully chocolate..Pupils of our eyes literally went bigger LOL. So we went there and thought they will serve some hot chocolate or something, but they only sell chocolate cakes.
You know us, we both LOVE chocolate to death. Prolly when you cut both of us in half you will see chocolates oozing out from our body. Haha but Kristy is obsessed with dark, rich chocolate while I love all sorts of chocolate.

Some drink to quench our thirst - Banana + Orange juice! Surprisingly good!

Us outside ION Orchard! Hellooooo Singapore! Didn't shop for anything there because what they have there basically we have it in Malaysia too, nothing special and good deal about it so we just took a walk!

And we met up with Sufen (My dearest dear) in Tampines! Spot my red eyes? Thanks to the haze, my eyes were so irritated and until today also still got some redness! I missed this lady so damn much. While we were on Line phone call I missed her silly stupid jokes and her bubbliness. How I wanna be friends with her forever!

We dine at Long Silver John's in Tampines Mall, somewhere near to her house and the food was a total let down. Well we didn't actually expect to have good food in Singapore anyways so yeah.

Stayed in her comfy studio-like house for the night. Wanted to go out for Sentosa and Clarke Quay but the air pollution level in Singapore was too high, we probably gonna see smokes everywhere at night anyways and they strictly forbid us to go out from smoking hazardous haze. So we stayed home and slept early ^_^. Not forgetting a stupid bug crawled on my face while I slept WTf.

My cousin is evil enough to guilt trip me for not visiting them in SG by showing me a cute picture of her daughter, getting ready to sleep. Hmph. We didn't have enough time to travel whole Sg that's why we never meet up. But that's gonna be a valid reason for our next visit yay? Haha

The next day, we had to bid goodbye to them cuz they have to work and we have to go explore the city by ourselves.

This time, we visited Bugis area!

This is Bugis +. A nice mall for a walk.

Right beside it was Bugis Street, somewhere we LOVE cuz the price is not expensive and its sort of like a Sg. Wang area, but you can find decent clothes there! We bought a couple of stuffs there and also my lovely leapord print iphone case ^______^ So happy.

Here is Bugis Junction, an interesting place with some shops in it, not bad I would say.

Suppose to meet up with Rachel but we ended up didn't. So we tried Koi! Kelling told me this is a must drink so I did a lil bit of homework before I came Bugis.

While waiting for Koi! My eyes still suffered from redness therefore I can't wear my lenses.

When you don't know what to order, just simply ask whats their signature and best seller. Never could go wrong. It tasted damn good too! The pearls are not super Q that will make your mouth tired from chewing, and its not super soft that it lacks of Q-ness. Its just perfect.

Then we had MOS burger for lunch! Heard people had been craving for it and said they can't find in Malaysia so I had to give this a try too!

Me while waiting for Kristy to order for me.

Sorry if they don't look appetizing enough for you.

But how bout this? Haha it tasted realllllll good!!! I had their MOS cheese burger and Kristy had their marinated fish burger. Both are damn good.

Then we walked a bit, took photos a bit, that's what tourists anyways huh.

We decided to head back at 3pm. Before heading back we passed by this cute cupcake shop and we wanted to give it a try! Cuz we love cupcakes. Especially fancy and delicious, moist cupcake.

We bought Strawberry with Vanila! $3.

Kristy's choice : Chocolate chocolate! $3

Both tasted damn good. But the best cupcake on earth I've tasted are from Wondermilk, Bangsar.

And we can't wait to head back cuz we were so sick of the haze in SG.

That pretty much sums up our trip, it was a short but enjoyable one!

Looking forward to explore this city more.

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