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Posted Saturday, June 15, 2013 // 0 comments (+)
As you grow older words getting harder to come out from your mouth. You will start to think... Do I really need to say this? What good do I have for saying this? Will people misunderstand my meaning if I say these? Am I doing things that I always complain about? If so, why do I even complain at the first place if I myself am doing that? Am I not reflecting back to myself? Did I achieve something I've always said I wanted? If no, why do I even say at the first place?

Hence........ The lack of updates.

I ran out of nice words to say. Or shall I say, motivating, inspiring words to say?

I became more of a listener than a speaker. (I STILL REALLY love to speak though, trust me.)But most of the time I find myself thinking and thinking and thinking inside my head, but nothing comes out from my mouth.  

But anyhow, lets do this alright!

So I've encountered something very very bad today - A friend of mine had tumor down his spine.

At first I didn't see that coming, he's always that silly and not taking things seriously kinda guy but suddenly he told me there is a tumor in his spine. He had this thing I don't even know what the hell is that - disc degenrative disease and bertolotti. He said his disc no more so now his spine and his pelvis bone are grinding against each other. He has to go for chemo in his following days. He will be crippled forever. =(

I really didn't see such thing coming. My life has been pretty much light and happy and nothing's such a big deal but THIS. Take care man. =(

First rule : Don't ever hide anything from people who are important to you.

We gotta take care of our health alright!

Gotta go, happy father's day. =]
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