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Posted Wednesday, May 08, 2013 // 0 comments (+)
Utmost respect and gratitude to those people who went for protest rally in Kelana Jaya.

When I watch them sing Negaraku it's like.. It calms people down from all the havoc, sing and listen to the lyrics thousands of people knew since they were young. Lyrics made them realize what and why they are here : to have a better future.

Seriously it's really heart broken to know we have lost to BN around 12am. And the truth why BN won, I wouldn't dare to really judge it. Some said they never cheat but from what we have ALL heard of from Facebook, they are not being honest at all aren't they.

I've massively tweeted directly to @NajibRazak's account (i wanna directly deal with him and let him hear our complaints lol) regarding all our dissatisfaction and how we want clean election and justice but he only acknowledged those praises and good comments and only retweeted them. Another huge disappointment. From his tweets and Facebook status he kept claiming it was a clean and fair election but he never clarifying himself from all the allegations aimed at him..

And one thing that got me thinking is.. Why on earth people post bad stuffs bout BN only in Chinese! They should post up things in ENGLISH or BM just so everyone can read it !

And another major issue is... Changing black profile picture and major protest rally, will it really help in our gaining our victory? Do they really feel intimidated by our actions? Awareness is indeed created but I can't help but imagining those BN people laughing cunningly behind at all these efforts we posted only in Facebook.
After all the BERSIH campaign, why doesn't it do any justice in our election... At all? Why?

Then what's the purpose of having another BERSIH 4.0?

I know people should do something to.. REALLY change the country, not just merely by sharing pics and talk dirty politics in social media.

I don't know how, but I hope we can.

Regarding racism issue, HOW ON
EARTH newspaper can ask #ApaCinaMahu? That's huge disgrace to a multi racial country WHICH IS in this case , Malaysia.

How can people just blindly ASSUME we Chinese and Indians DO NOT love Malaysia? Please! U don't know what we Have been through! We study everything about Malaysia, we ate everything in Malaysia, we LIVE in Malaysia, we read Malaysia newspaper. No else where is home to us other than Malaysia.

Who are they to ask us Balik Cina? China is NOT EVEN our home! Our home, as far as I know and I am concerned, is only Malaysia. So stfu before u try to make anymore racist statement , That just shows how stupid and how brainless you are.

Another thing, I understand people get really upset when they get to know some CHINESE want BN to win eagerly and some even made some really disrespectful comments about PR. I do get disappointed and upset too. But does this mean that we can scold them " I hope ure being raped by Bangla." Or... " I know you prefer their d****.." Or.... " are you so damn itchy down there you need ther d**** to satisfy you ?"

Damn it people, we are CIVILIZED citizens. We speak words after filtering. We know we shouldn't simply curse her being raped. That's uncivilized and low class. If you wanna shoot people, make sure you propose ur criticisms constructively. Put some knowledge and points and reason WHY in your critics.
Not just something shallow like stuffs like this. This will only provoke others more and not getting respects back from them. This is definitely going to backfire you.

Last but not least..... I just hope all our efforts are not wasted and that we get what we want for what we've fought for.

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