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Posted Wednesday, April 03, 2013 // 2 comments (+)
So they say friends are damn influential.

I've got some friends that are VERY understanding, and some totally opposite.

One friend of mine, no matter what you tell her, anythingggggg everythinggggggg as long as it make sense, she will be like, oo ok.. no problem!

Another friend of mine kinda mind all these a lil bit more. For example, she wants to go somewhere but you can't make it and she got upset a bit.

IDK which is better, really.

Sometimes I can totally be understanding. Like to most of my friends, if they have something to do or some valid reasons not to make it, I won't be mad at all. I'll be like, oh ok you got your reasons. I don't blame you :)

But then that person will be like : Why Steph never stop me from going there wan? Why she never insist me to attend that event with her wan? I feel so not needed. :((((


Sometimes I really love someone to be understanding AND at the same time kinda push me a lil.

Show me some emotions when I can't go just to let me know that she NEEDS my presence and LOVE my presence. =(

As we grow older we can't really ask people to stay anymore because people will be like : Walao eh you still kids meh. Can't you be more understanding? Please don't force me cuz I really have more important things to do!

But hey, sometimes forcing means THEY CARE. THEY WANT YOU AROUND.

If that someone does not even care about your existence of course they don't need to beg you to go/stay.
They don't even bother! But then, that... you guys call it as ''understanding''..........

I have 2 bunch of friends. 1 group being EXTREMELY understanding and I feel glad they understand but at the same time I feel so not needed.

Another bunch of friends, will make noise when I did not accept their invitation. I felt SO NEEDED IM ACTUALLY HAPPY ABOUT IT but at the same time I dare not make them angry/ffk them even if I have really important things to do.

Dilemma dilemma. =/

What will you guys do?

Beg and persuade, or understand and not make a big deal about it?
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