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Posted Saturday, April 20, 2013 // 0 comments (+)

So yesterday Goldfish & Blink (Top DJs in Malaysia) came to MiXX Melaka! And I'm so glad we went for it!! At first I thought we only say jom jom jom for fun but we ended up all dressed up nicely and really went for it!! :D

Of red lips and studs and lots of filters :P

My friend from Seremban purposely came down ALL ALONE to join us for the party T____T so touching. Thanks Ah Lua!!!!

Boarded in at 10pm, waited for full 2 hours until their arrival. Few minutes before their turn to play, my friend saw them inside the toilet. No I should say, he accidentally bumped into Goldfish!!!(Like really bumped into his body) OMGGGG!!!!

And I quickly ran to the toilet and I saw BLINK AND GOLDFISH!! *fan girl mode on. hahahahaha

Finally its their turn to play. Started of straight with Wakanda and I know I just gotta get into the dance floor! To be honest we drank like tiny bit only but we're super damn high. Prolly the best time ever in MiXx because I LOVE ALL THEIR SONGS!

If I'm not mistaken here are some of the playlists for that night :
1) Wakanda - Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike
2) In My Mind - Axwell
3) Years - Alesso
4) Calling - Alesso
5) Greyhound - Swedish House Mafia
6) Nirvana - Smells like teen spirit
7) Apollo - Hardwell
8) Save The World - SHM
9) Don't you worry child - SHM
10) If I lose myself - One Republic (Alesso remix)
11)  Clarity - Zedd
12) Titanium - David Guetta
13) We'll be coming back - Example
14) Ode To Oi - TJR
15) Turbulence - Steve Aoki

I might have mixed up those songs with other DJ's in MiXx but.... Damn I feel like I'm in a rave party again! Kristy said it really is a rave party, just that we went with nice clothes and full make up. And an air-cond place for us to rave.

Who needs booze when you have good music to get high?

Seriously I had such an AWESOME NIGHT!!!!

The boys are being really protective to the girls and we got to know a new girl there : Fay. She's damn friendly too.

Friends were asking : OMG why you all so high dance non stop not tiring one ah? TBH I also felt damn surprised how can we kept dancing and dancing for 3 hours non stop. Cuz the music is damn goodddd. =P

Super duper awesome clubbing session. Thank you! =]

Goldfish & Blink are awesomeeeee!

To those who said they are not, clearly you've never heard of any of those songs yet.
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