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Posted Thursday, April 04, 2013 // 0 comments (+)
So Armin Van Buuren came to Malaysia few weeks ago! And at first we don't wanna join this cuz we're not a massive trancehead, we prefer Progressive House. But I'm super glad I went!!!!

Its WORLD top no. 1 DJ helloooo so how can we even miss it!

Even if we went and then later only realize his awesomeness also good what, at least we went. =P

The line-up for ASOT600 and also FMFA! FYI we didn't go to FMFA and I really have bit of regret right now. After they came only I realize Nate from Fun. has such awesome voice and why I didn't catch him live!

The organizer this time is pretty good, so much better than SHM. Will update about it in my next post!

Sorry just gotta show you guys how cuteeeee my hamsters are! (They are not mine they are siong zu's but he asked me to take care of them for a period so yeah they are mine! haha)


The party rockers... Thanks Kristy for accompanying me to all these rave parties. She is NOT a trance head nor progressive house girl but she sorta accept those music and still, accompany me regardless of all the stupid experiences she had been thru. She was always quite unlucky during rave parties.Update it in my next post too. Lolll..

On the deck : W&W!

Never miss out Cosmic Gate!

And main highlights of the day : AVB!!! Thanks for bringing him to Malaysia! Listened to ASOT600 Madrid and when he mentioned the places of his ASOT tour, Kuala Lumpur my heart screams a lil.

Overall all my trancehead friends are really satisfied with his performance and boy he's one good friendly humble DJ!

More rave parties to come. Anyone wanna join this time? Will be damn fun if you go with bunch of friends!

The next morning we had our lunch @ JOJO's Little Kitchen!

Supper @ SS2 Murni. They food and drink are aweeeeeesomeeeeeeee.

And then, last round at Club Paparazzi.

Some T shirts we have no regrets buying. Super great deal when you purchase around 1am cuz they're gonna close . haha

Walked around in Inti Nilai and KLIA while waiting for the budz, Siong Zu n Kim Soon for dinner.

Tried their local food with them and they are pretty good! Thanks for the hospitality and tour guyssss.

Ending this post with an Aventador we spotted near Inti Nilai. Wowzersss!

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