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Posted Monday, March 04, 2013 // 3 comments (+)
#NowLooping : Les Miserable's soundtrack.

Damn damn damn awesome ok. TBH I'm not really a huge fan of Les Mis. I only can give it a max of 3.5/5 because I expected a bigger casts and scenes but it was rather small and not that major n massive as compared to my expectations. But anyhow never had a show I cried for 3 times and sobbing so loud at the end.

So now when I'm listening to Les Mis soundtrack it reminds me of every single scenes inside and damn this is one special movie and broadway music.

LOTS of unhappy stuffs happened to me lately but there are lots of good ones too ;)

Unhappy stuffs :
1) Allergic skin that made my skin itch like MAD. I have cold urticaria. Uncurable. For..the...rest...of..my...life.....

2) Legs pain and physically damn tired.
Worked for 9 days 13 hours straight who won't be tired right. But I'm trying not to rant already.

3) Maximum sleeps of 5 hours per day.
Got one day they still ask us to go sing k somemore at 1am. Reach home 4am, bath and everything 5am and gotta wake at 730 to work. WTF just give me my sleep ok.

30+ 40+ years old bitches all around. Actually they never made me angry but they backstab Kristy so yeah I do not like em. They smile to you on the face and backstab you behind.

MAIN ORGANIZER : ATTIC HOUSE in Scott Garden, Old Klang Road and in Sri Hartamas (Selling branded bags)

CO ORGANIZER : Ads On Marketing Sdn. Bhd. (Recruit us to work for them and to promote their event)

Both can go close your shop, like seriously. I have NEVER EVER met some sucky leaders like you guys.

Firstly we have meetings whenever we have something to voice out. So on the day before the last day, we voiced out our opinion because Kristy heard a girl named Michelle who is a permanent staff in Attic House (we call her Mi siao) backstab her saying she only talk and sit and never serve customers, which is.....UNTRUE. They talked because all other customers are attended by other promoters or there are no customers at all. And yes WE ALL SIT. You guys sit too right. We are human too duh. Thought our legs made of steel? Stupid or wad?

So we voiced out to our supervisor (Ads On Marketing) saying that we dislike backstabbers. If she wanna complain, complain to our face. Qwen heard that Mi Siao said Kristy never work seriously and so we hold the meeting saying all our dissatisfaction out.

And our supervisor (Ads On Marketing Mr Ong and Mr Kenny) nodded and agreed and listened and said lets go back to the hotel shall we.

The next day when we were about to go to work, Mi Siao (our usual driver) said we will sit Kenny's car. So we waited. Then Mr Kenny appeared and say we will sit other staff's car. Ok so we waited as well. After half an hour, the other staffs told us we to get one day rest for this day because they have other KL staffs come to Genting and handle the event so they do not need so many people up there, hence we do not need to work anymore.

So, by telling us we don't need to work anymore, giving us holidays are only their sweet words to disguise the truth of we're being fired huh? You thought we stupid or what? Its not the first time ALL OF US being promoters you thought we don't know how these things work? So yeap, we were being fired.

All of us went up all the way to the expo place and we scolded them on the face. We confronted Mi Siao and said she's such a fake bitch RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER FACE. And we asked Kenny and Ong to come over and scold the hell out of them too. No matter who backstab Kristy, the main fault is.. WE ARE BEING FIRED. WITH NO REASONS AT ALL. There are other staffs who are lazier than we are. They even fired a permanent staff who take care of us and protect us. HOW BASTARD THEY ARE.
Bunch of assholes. If you think this is the quickest way to solve a problem - by firing all the people who voiced out their dissatisfactions during meeting, then this proves you are not any matured than us 20+ people.

6 of us who voiced out our disagreement got sacked. So we asked them, whats the reason of other people (other than Kristy) being sacked? They gave us this bullshit reason : Because you guys are Kristy friends, so we know if she never work you guys also duwanna work. Damn funny right their statements.

We felt super duper glad to see Kenny's face turned red cuz he got high blood pressure. We felt super duper glad to see Mi Siao's face turned all awkward and angry and sad and speechless when we confronted them. We felt super duper glad to see Tina (Attic House boss)'s scared and panic face when we entered the expo.

Do not freaking bully us. We might be young but we're not stupid. You guys might be old but I'm positive to tell that you guys are NO WHERE NEAR MATURED ADULTS.

F you Attic House and Ads On Marketing Sdn. Bhd.

Lets end this post with a fake smile just like how they all did to all of us.

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