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Posted Monday, March 18, 2013 // 0 comments (+)
Just some random facts i wanna share.

Sometimes ure wondering what is he doing right now, at this moment when you guys are not hanging out together.

Sometimes ure wondering does he ever stalk you like how you stalked him.

Sometimes ure wondering does he ever read back conversations like what you did.

Sometimes ure wondering does he ever thought about you at least once everyday.

Sometimes ure wondering if he treats you cold because he thought you liked another guy or.. He simply doesn't have interests in you anymore.

Sometimes ure wondering if he is on his phone texting another girl or not.

Most of the time u want him to find you and after all the failed efforts you put in : (talk to him FIRST.)You will come up with something to sorta make him find you first.

Eg : Some people will just disappear suddenly. No Facebook no twitter no whatsapp. Just ... Disappear, hoping she will be missed.

You might succeed for the first few times but do this really work long term?

Lack of communication simply means lack of interest.

Sometimes you really wanna pretend ure so happy off without him and that you can do everything on ur own without being dependent but deep down inside u know you need him at some point .

Sometimes you really wanna convince urself you need no man and you can gain happiness from other stuffs but deep down inside you know only he can make you feel so.

Sometimes you really wanna forget about him for weeks or months so the awkwardness will be gone hoping you guys can talk like normal again but deep down inside this takes both parties to work.

Everything that you do just to hide how much you miss him is just disguise. If he doesn't find you or anything else you still feel heart ache. So what's the point of self comforting and pretending?

To become normal again you really have to forget how important he is in your life. Can u really do that?

Sometimes I wish love is easy like how kids portray love . It's too complicated and vague.
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