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Posted Wednesday, January 02, 2013 // 0 comments (+)
#np : A Thousand Years Part 2.

Can someone please give a reward to Christina Perri for this AWESOME HEART MELTING SONG?

Like seriously everytime I listen to this song I will have moments of silence and enjoy the feeling it brings to me. Just when I thought A thousand years is already damn awesome this song came in.

The only part I love about Twilight too =P So sorry. But I have to admit that movie adds credit to this song though! Or shall I say this song add credits to the movie? hahahaha anythinggg!

Such a sucker for love songs lately. =P

Anyway, I really wanna watch Les Miserable. (Its pronounced as leh mi-seh-hub) So many people teared up watching this movie not once not twice but a few times so means its really damn good. So wanna go watch it!!!!!!
Guess what, I fall down from cycling bike. Guess I'm never lucky with 2 wheel thing huh? I hurt both my knees and I walk like a cacat person. Parents say can park in OKU already..  =.='''''''

Happie 2013 people. I won't make any new year resolutions knowing that I wil never achieve them anyway so why make? Haha but I'm not losing hope at all! Maybe one day? Who knows? =P

Done with my FINAL mid term paper just now like finally. THANK GOD HALLELUJAHHHHH!

Everyday I just can't stop smiling for quite some moments knowing that the world DOES NOT END. Ain't that the best best thing happen to us? I'd rather believe the mayans are right AND superheroes saved the earth. =P

Its such a HUGE, MASSIVE blessings to be able to celebrate Xmas, to be able to countdown for New year, to be able to await for CNY. Nothing gets happier than all these.. Seeing happy smiles on other people's face.. Not trying to sound noble at all, those are my deepest feelings lol.

Goodnight world.

*maybe you thought you understand me. but you donttttttt. really. lol  =P
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