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Posted Tuesday, January 29, 2013 // 2 comments (+)
I might not be the luckiest girl in the whole wide world, but I know I am the girl that knows how to appreciate and feel content with what I have with me right now.

I might not be that kinda person last time but I can feel and I know i can be one in the future. In fact, right now Im in-the-making of a girl who appreciates thing and value and thank God for what she had.

Not trying to be cheesy but just thought I would love to share how different perceptions can make you feel so much better.

I fall down from riding a bike w my aunt when I was damn young, I passed out on the spot and.. Normal people will be like :GOD YOU DONT LOVE ME WHY YOU LET ME FALL DOWN! OTHERS NEVER FALL DOWN!

But I'm like, : Thank God for giving me this fall, let me know that MAYBE I was a smarter person before I had stitches on my head.

Then few months ago I fall down from riding a bike. It was a serious one. It wasn't a super serious like I patah here patah there but I banged my chest rib and both my legs were bleeding. I can't walk properly nor stand for long for 2 weeks. And I thank God for not letting me fall down WORSE. Like maybe I knock on my head and passed out again or something like that.

 Im born with sensitive skin and lately I had suspected cold urticaria after tons of research I did online. I ranted YES of course I do cuz it freaking itch everytime I met with cold weather. And I cant depend on anti allergy medicine cuz it made me drowsy for hours and even days.

But did I make a huge scene and blame God for what he put me into?

NO. Instead I thank God for not giving me anything worse like cancer or something deadly.

Yeahh.. I am grateful like that =)

Although sometimes I do whine FML FML FML. But trust me I do feel FML at the moment but 80% is just for joking purpose and 20% is really on whining. Shits happen to me, TONS of shits happen to me. I faced betrayal, neglected and everything. But if I were to compare with others who are doing better than me and whine on these, when will I ever stop whining?

If I compare myself to the WORST situation I can ever imagine inside my wildest imagination, I consider myself the luckiest girl in the world.

So, I really dislike people rant and whine non stop. Be it real life or facebook or twitter. Just shut up. If you wanna rant please don't rant on small matters like : F YOU DIGI ALWAYS NO LINE !!!!

Millions of people are going through some real shits out there. Do they even whine? NO. THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE FACEBOOK NOR TWITTER ACCOUNT. So suck it up already :)
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