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Posted Saturday, January 26, 2013 // 0 comments (+)
Back to my home sweet home - Seremban! The familiar smell of my room.. The familiar smell of my bed and bolster.... Makes me wanna smell more cuz its so comforting ^_^

Got back because of dentist appointment early at 10 am =.='' and then mana tau mom said : Eh no need go that dentist, that dentist freaking expensive. Should have asked mom earlier right. So we no need to come back so early!

Anyways, I couldn't get through my mom's phone for 3 times, wanna ask where is the dentist. So I decided to call my dad. And when I'm on the phone with dad, all he said was :

Me : Daddy is mom with you?
Dad : Yes, we're tapaoing breakfast. I'm waiting inside the car. Why?
Me : I wanna ask where is the dentist place cuz we have appointment at 10am later..
Dad : I will help you ask her later.. Have you all taken your breakfast?
Me : Nope, havent.
Dad : Oh.. Then ah.. mom is still waiting for the tapao... When she comes back maybe I ask her go tapao again...

I'm like, never mind dad, breakfast or not it doesn't matter! Its not like breakfast is the meal we care most during the day (dinner is =p) so Im like, daddy its ok. But but my dad kept insisting to tapao for us T______T and then mom called me back.

Mom : You called me ah just now?
Me : Yeah wanna ask where is the dental  clinic..
Mom : No lah dont want go there liao, very expensive. I make other appointment for you two. You all have breakfast dy?
Me : Nope..
Mom : Like that ah, you all take brother's laksa ok? We go and buy other stuff for ur bro later, cuz here tapao laksa again need to wait damn long...

T______T Its like they're SO AFRAID we die of hunger or something. Super sweet right?? I love love love you guys T______T nothing feels more warm than home.

But then we ended up skipping breakfast cuz we're too...freaking..sleepy....And we woke up, its already time for tea time WTF.

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