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Posted Sunday, November 04, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
This blog is specially dedicated to YOU who are I don't know, still reading my blog or not. (I secretly hope you DONT).

I dislike copy cat a lot. Like what I do you do. What I like you like. Who I love you love. Stop living under my shadow can? U have ur own life that I will never will and never wanna interfere. U have your own friends that you hang out with all the time. You have your own likings that I won't wanna follow because I have my own taste which is something you lack off.

And can you please stop copying me (or US) ? I still remember how you criticized our taste and how you praised your own like you look god damned awesome but we NEVER wanna insult you or pour cold water at you. That's because we are not like that. Well as time passed by you got more worse. You try to step into my world , meddling with my friends and my interests just to what.. Gain my attention? You just LOVE me that much? I can hear you scream : hey Steph I wanna be part of your life I wanna be someone like u I wanna like what u love !!! I am so jealous of you!!! Maybe by copying you will make me you!!

That makes me feel sick and did I just smirk. From a close friend to a friend whom I don't even know. I gotta admit I was disappointed, I wasn't happy for your transformation. But clearly you enjoyed it and I just got to know you were like this all ...along... Maybe you don't realize it but I heard from others you are someone they are trying to stay away from.

Friends around me don't like you at first but I thought you were funny and we clicked so I let you into my world. I once love to have you so much that we texted so much everyday. I really thought you were one of my best friends. But as time passed by I realized u changed to someone I barely can imagine you to be. You did everything out of my wildest imagination. How could you? Did you even think of my feelings and how I would perceive you? NO you don't. You knew all these would hurt me and you clearly liked the way it worked. So you did everything without my consent.

Friends don't do that to friends. You are officially not my friend anymore. (Long time ago actually).You betrayed my trust towards you and you disrespected me.

I stayed away from you, I knew you knew. And I hope you know why. And change. For God's sake.

I am glad to have my own bunch of friends right now. And now that I stayed away from you, my life was So much happier and easier. At least I don't have to fake a smile and laugh at your jokes when I clearly do not like you anymore.

And even if you tell your friends : Steph hates me she always never ajak me out cuz she is jealous of me. Cuz all her friends prefer me over her.

Nice try. I believe truth always win. :)

Now that I know what kinda person you are, every single thing you said to me for the past few years I felt so hilarious and fake. How welcomed are you especially BOYS... Pftt if you never flirt with them/give chances to them/being flirty with them you think they will like you ah? It takes two to tango! What a real life joker.

You seriously damn fat hao and damn act cute + act innocent. Oh oh act pity also. With all the crying face and all the stupid voices. Which fits all the criterias of the girls I dislike the most lol.

I really hope you will change la ha. But still it's up to you whether u wanna be hated or be loved.
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