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Posted Monday, October 22, 2012 // 0 comments (+)

Went for this movie yesterday!! Awesomeeeeee so love it !!! Friends said this to me : Steph, you can understand the show better.

Why? Because I have one pink teddy at home ^_____^ and yes it does make me understand better. His fat clumsy movement AHHH SO CUTE !!!!!!! I wanna buy one at home but I figured my pink teddy would pretty much likely be jealous so I think, forget that.

So this thought came into my mind. I was watching some other show the other day and we saw they were having ALOT of fun in one people's private apartment. Booze all around, chicks all around. And who knows some people might just give you some pills and assure you you're gonna be high.

We just wanna get high at night BUT WHAT IF we really took the freaking pills and got stoned!! And then we just do things they ask us to do thinking its an act of dare and fun? ELL NO I DUWAN THAT !!!! So sometimes things creeped in without us even REALIZING it people. 

So I read a news about an Ipoh guy took some pills and he claimed that ''a mysterious voice'' asked him to cut off his di*k and fry it in the hot oil WTH. And he did! I mean, of course he did because he wasn't thinking straight at all! So this story tells us NOT TO GET TOO HIGH when you're with BUNCH OF PEOPLE. Even when you're with little friends also chances are you will do something out of your mind that will make you regret it.

Imagine, losing his willy after one night is pretty sad right. =(((( What if friends ask me cut off my boobs ah. OMGGGGGGGGGG!!!!! OK stop thinking about all these. Freaked me out haha.

So the moral of the story is, DO NOT TOUCH PILLS. STAY AWAY FROM PILLS. and of course, stay away from being too HIGH.

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