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Posted Thursday, October 04, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
So, I've been a lil bit more diligent cleaning up/tidying my room recently because my mom had been making such a BIG FUSS about the mess I've created.

I kena saman, she say, ''aiyoo why la like this!!'' only.

I broke a huge glass bowl, she said : ''Seee? I never scold you also. Hehe.''

but when she saw my messy sleeping room/ study room she will be like

Damn exaggerating one I'm not even kidding. So to prevent her from scolding and all that stuff I'll just have to put back everything in place after I've used it.

Cuz... She tidied up my study room (which I think its some mission impossible....)

But but I did tidy up my sleeping room alright! I even mopped the floor 3 times! 3 times !!

It took me freaking 2-3 hours! I also cleaned the bathroom!!! Then when my mom came back I purposely ask her : Ma, you feel the upstairs floor so smooth anot??

And my mom replied : I haven't been upstairs yet.

I'm like, ok............*tilt my head down*........ hahahahaahha

Today we went picnic in City Park! And guess what we chase one dog cuz that dog freaking took our food after we AFK. WTH RIGHT!!!!! I kenot believe he took the WHOLE plastic bag with some food inside !!! -___________-'' For my 22 years of life record, this is my very first time chasing dog back for my food. hahaha.

OK end this post with one super sweet photo!!

Not like I'm despo for boys la haha but when I look at this pic I'm like, walao the girl is so like me! Hahahaha I want a bf like that too!

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