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Posted Friday, October 05, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
So I'm having my sweet lil time enjoying myself doing something important and then paint nails and watch some shows in the living room spending some time with the parents on a Friday night *I can't remember when was the last time I did this.*

And I discovered something. Whatever food I disliked or whatever food we brought back from the outside, will be my daddy's snacks during his TV time. My daddy damn cute. When the TV failed him he will go to bed at 10pm. Mom smiled and said, Daddy got nothing to do at night yesterday when the TV broke, so he went to bed at 10. So today must repair the TV for him.
And my daddy just LOVE to grab on anything to eat!! A..n..y..t..h..i..n..g...

And my daddy has this KING SEAT we call. When we sit at his couch he will show the ''shoo'' sign and then sit on it!  Like a boss! And he will control all the remote control!
Even just now I was watching High And Low also he switched it to the channel he wants. *duno wanna cry or smile. 

So I'm blogging at this hour, 1:03 am and Kristy and I were procrastinating doing something and we were still painting our nails, texting, instagramming, and all that unimportant stuffs *but we seriously damn enjoy* then we came across this show in Discovery Channel : The Universe With Stephen Hawking.

So I asked my sister,

Me : Hey you know who is Stephen Hawking?
Kristy : Yeah.. Why?
Me : Is he the... *acts out his face and body language*
Kristy : WALAO DAMN BAD LA U!!!!!!!!!!!
Me : *cant stop laughing*but seriously, so sorry!!!! I shoudnt had did that. I got loose a bit >_< so sorry so sorry! So guilty now..

Anyways, I heard of him, I know he is a smart guy but I don't exactly know who he is. *I won't lie if I don't know something just to sound smart btw* and I instantly felt like a bimbo. So I HAVE TO wiki it!

Sometimes you just realize something that you've heard of during your entire life but you don't know what the hell is it pissed you off.

So this show basically talks about Science and Physics. When I heard something about Physics I feel like... It brings me back to the past. Now my course Accounting guan Physics meh si le. But I kinda miss it really. =(

Watching Discovery Channel makes me feel smarter a bit hahahaha. Maybe we were brought up this way! Cuz my dad loves Discovery Channel =.='

Alright gotta go! Going cyberjaya tomorrow until Monday! Friends graduating. :')

Nighty nighty!
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