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Posted Saturday, October 13, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
Just trying to advise one friend to stop smoking. It felt like mission impossible but IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING.

Its funny how guys can give up REAL GOOD FOOD for a good built up body but they won't give up a single puff.

So he told me I will never understand how it felt like to smoke. Will they even understand WHY we hope they stop smoking then?

Whose turn to tolerate now?

Its not like I despise people who smoke, trust me. I fall for people based on their personalities. I hang out with them based on their personalities. In fact, most of my close guy friends are smokers. And in fact, I did fall for guys who smoke. Quite a few actually. They used to smoke like once or twice, but right now like once or twice every day.

Deep down inside my heart I really really hope all of them will stop smoking. :(

And not only cigaratte! Shisha also! My friends when they are not smoking they go shisha -.-'' like daily basis -__-' I know sometimes guys will say like, aiya its our health not yours so stop being such a busy body. But its because we care only ma.

Maybe I dislike this is because my family brought me up that way and I went through a hard time where my closest uncle died cz of stroke. He took wayyyy toooo muchhh alcohol and cigarattes when I was just 10+. Trust me I love alcohol also but I control. I felt uneasy going out for a night gathering with BUNCH OF FRIENDS without any alcohols. I don't go around often vomit and often get drunk I just need a lil bit to get high. I need to loosen up sometimes BUT I KNOW WHAT I AM DOING.

So yeah just sayin.

Its funny to rewind back, how Kristy and I used to say : NEXT TIME MY FUTURE HUSBAND WILL NEVER SMOKE ONE!!!!! I WILL NEVER FALL FOR ANY SMOKERS!!!!! LIKE AT ALL!!!

And then I did fall for them.

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