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Posted Tuesday, October 02, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
Hello! I'm here to blog about my KL trip with Kristy's colleagues. Well it was really random and I don't know them before hand but it turned out to be quite fun and they are surprisingly nice to hang out with!

Went to MV for some food, shopping,and movie.

Decided to have lunch in Plan B! Saw Ian from Hitz.fm!!! Haha

Kristy and I are HUGE fan of mushroom soup. She can even sacrifice drinks for soup (I kenot lor) but we decided to order one mushroom soup top with drinks somemore! (Yays!) I still find Kensington served the best, yummiest soup ever. Simply Fish in Melaka comes 2nd. =P

Ordered some Ice Chocolate. Kristy was a sucker for all the chocolate drinks. While me? Strawberry duh! =P
I love chocolate drinks also but not a super fan like Kristy. This Iced Chocolate is totally different from what we used to drink. Its more on the creamy, ice cream side and the bottom part is all the chocolate thick goodies. Kristy loved this so much!

The main reason why I chose Plan B is because I wanna try their egg benedicts. I love eggs! And egg benedicts are so widely popular right now and I really wanna try it but they serve before 12pm. We were there at 1 pm. So I've learnt my lesson.

Ordered Carbonara instead! I always love carbonara but nowadays I think I'm not so into it already cuz I'm kinda bored of it already. Antonio's in PJ served the BEST CARBONARA! And also Carlos in Pavilion! O and I prefer to order fettuccine instead of spaghetti for carbonara. I prefer thick noodles. Hehe

Kristy's club sandwich! She loves sandwich (So do I) I think we shared almost 80% same taste in food. And boy oh boy her serving damn biggg!!! And as expected... She kenot finish it... So do I hahaha.

Group photo!!

From left, Aristotle from Philipines! Welcome to Malaysia! I love having tourist around. He shared with us a lot of their culture there and I think Philipinos are really romantic and caring! Hehe.

Then, Kok Siong, Kristy and me!

So after lunch, Aristotle said, So.. What you guys wanna do huh? *wiggle eyebrows. Some shopping I guess? Window shopping???

Kristy and I were like, yes yes yes. hahaha. And he said, alright, is 2 hours enough for you two? We can just walk around and we meet 2 hours later?

To my greatest delight I've heard something I wanna hear but never expecting to hear at all from this guy! He knew all these because his gf in philipines LOVE shopping. Who doesnt like shopping. I only don't shop when I'm broke. Other than that nothing can stop me from shopping.

So we went to shop around and Kristy was wearing heels that day and she got tired! So we went Secret Recipe for some tea.

Selca in toilet!

Then we went for movie! The Watch!

I give this show a... Urm 3/5 because it was just so so.
It was quite funny though.

Then, BKT for dinner! Aristotle doesn't know what is BKT after years of working in Malaysia! Omg how can he not know?!?! So we brought him here and he LOVED IT!!! =D

Damn awesome right! =P

At night, we went Luna Bar! ( I actually wanted to tag along because I wanna go Luna Bar =p)

Call this number for reservation : 03-2332-7777

Just call and say how many of you are going, what time, whats your name and that's it!

It was located at the ROOFTOP of Pacific Regency Hotel of Jalan P. Ramlee. So you have to park your car, enters the hotel like some guests and change lift to reach their rooftop!

We were an hour late but thank God that was a Sunday so nobody there. Lol

The beautiful pool. There are a lot of couches for you to chill and all the drinks are very reasonably priced! Spot that blue colour cubicle? A DJ is playing music inside. =D

And just pray its not raining because its open air.

KLCC view! Spot some couples on the right hand side? You can sit like your own house! But better wear pants or shorts to prevent yourself from flashing. Hahaha

Breathtaking view!!

Kristy and Me!

Aristotle ordered some Nachos and we had some fruit juice and we chilled until 1 am. =D
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