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Posted Sunday, September 30, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
There's a reason why I don't wanna log in Facebook at this hour. Or.. I SHOULD HAVE said this yesterday. My facebook is FLOODED with all the Happy Mid Autumn Festivals yada yada. So annoying. *Squint eyes

Well LUCKILY we had BBQ on Thursday already!!! If not ah I sure despo wanna have a real BBQ again one. Haha. That BBQ was awesome! But I didn't eat any chicken wings though. *how on earth steph?!?!?!?!* cuz I was too..full.... X____X And also, NO MARSHMALLOW!!! Why o Why.........

I so wanna have another BBQ again !!! Haha. It was damn fun! I want !!!

Went church today! It was a good preach by a new pastor. He was so hilarious! He talked to us about his diving experience and boy oh boy it was FREAKING cool. Its funny how I didn't get freak out at all in PD but I got all freaked out in Redang. PD water is polluted and I couldn't see anything below so I was like, WEEEEEEEEE SWIM SWIM SWIM ~~~
And when I went Redang it was like a HD version of PD so I dare not do anything much at all! Freaking scary cuz I was brought up by all the sharks movie since young. Damn!

Went Starbucks chill with brother and friends today! Had their signature chocolate again. I just couldn't had enough of it.. Like seriously.. The hot one is nicer.. But the cold one ain't that bad either. Then SZ ordered salted caramel something. It was nice too! But you know which one you really loveeeee when you gulp them down the throat.. Chocolate wins hands down!!! I just don't really like coffee stuff haha.

I'm having strong strong urge to go KL shopping. Like damn...strong...urge.... I wish I can go immediately! But no la maybe coming week or next week only. TAHAN STEPH TAHAN!!!

P/s : Today dad says : Why people love gangnam style?! The guy doesn't look good, the dance move is funny.. Why? And we're like......HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA..

Seriously, when I went City Park for my jogs I heard some malay play Gangnam style on their phone and they are like so proud with it I'm like, please don't play this song..Not again and again and again?!

When something gets too mainsteam,people starts hating it!
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