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Posted Sunday, September 02, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
So I was walking in Jonker with my friends last few days and then after having some shitty dinner (lol will elaborate on my coming post) then we pass by Geographer! And then, one long, not so hairy leg attracted me. He sat down in a small and short chair, with his height he has to hunch in order for him to draw. Its just a really really simple stall under the dim light from the street.

So we decided to approach him, and see what he's up to. He's wearing a very short shorts, friend said it was just boxers but I don't think so gua! Then with his hair and his piercings on his ears and also tattoos on his left bottom arm and also with his SUPER LONG AND CURLY eyelashes and his double eyelid. All I can say is.....omg..... Lol seriously! Kristy also felt so.

So I took his name card and search for him in FB. Wanna stalk this guy a lil bit haha.And I found out his blog!!!

His blog is full of chinese words which make me felt uneasy for a while (I damn lazy read chinese blogs fyi) But after all I can say after reading his blog is.......Damn..

He is damn artistic. He studied in Tsinghua Art Academy in Beijing,China.
And what impressed me the most is.... He travelled ALL ALONE, RANDOMLY to Paris and Germany! He said Malaysia made him feel like its a sad place to stay and gladly he had some friends in Germany so off he went there all alone just to escape the world for a lil while.

He might sound like a rebellious and irresponsible kid. Maybe that action is but sometimes isn't this the kinda courage that we all wish we can have.

I still continue reading the blog anyways because its pretty interesting to read. His latest entry is about him travelling all alone to Paris, not knowing any French language, just merely depending on the French course he took for 1 short sem, after some hard time he finally got into the bus, and he went to see Mona Lisa. He cried after looking at it. What an artist right. If I saw I also won't cry at all haha. I'll just stare at the masterpiece looking amazed. I guess only artists will cry gua.

And he said he is... Color blind. No wonder he only uses black shades to draw the portrait! I know most portrait artists use black shades ok but it somehow still impressed me. Color blind artist? How rare and how precious!!

Seriously judging by the way he look, people will say wah this guy damn lala with all the tattoos and piercings all over! He must be some lazy/ bad kid lepaking around only lah. Tsk tsk tsk human judges.
But he proves things wrong! Thats why I hate stereotypes! Tattoo and piercings people kenot have achievements one ah now?

Ahh I love artistic people. Love how they see their dreams in colors and find peace in pens. :') Thumbs up for you cool guy!!

*Kinda regret not letting him sketch Kristy and me cuz it was damn hot that time and we're running late. =(
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