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Posted Thursday, September 27, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
Hola Hola!! It has been DAMNNNNNNNNNNNN longggggggggg since I last updated I know.

Alot of things happened and I don't really wanna talk about them but they are all good right now. Hehe.

So my housemate's bag got stolen!! We suspect is either housemate's friend or management people OR cleaner. I think is cleaner la cuz they are the only people who can access to our room even if they are locked! But then hor I don't think cleaners know any branded stuffs LOL cuz all of the missing items were quite expensive! But then nothing is impossible, so I don't know too.

Had a super hectic week! Like super super hectic, don't even have the time to really do this and that but I had been watching HIMYM religiously during my meal time! Haha. Everytime I watch I'll be like : No wonder I love to watch this. Cuz they are really nice and funny!

Gonna try on Modern Family real soon. I actually wanna try maybe FRIENDS but I think they might be too old. So never mind. I wanna watch some TVB series too!!

The best feelings on earth is, when you wake up you don't feel anything at all. Like, nothinggg!

The pessimist will say this : when I hear something emo I feel like the lyrics describe me so well.

The optimist will say : Who the hell wrote all these emo shits inside these songs? They make no freaking sense. LOL.

I am on the latter right now maybe cuz ah I'm over the emo phase lol. And maybe cuz I am not involved in any relationship matters anymore so I don't really feel the lyrics anymore. I enjoy romantic songs more though, instead of feeling the emoness and get so emo and stuff. Haha.

Goodnighty nighty!

Fishtail braid again! hehe.
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