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Posted Tuesday, August 21, 2012 // 1 comments (+)
Went Broga yesterday dawn! We slept around 1230 am, wakes up at 240 am T_____T Seriously not enough sleep. It reminds me of my exam period *shivers

Then we went Broga around 4am, started hiking around 430+.. It was such a LONG LONG journey! It wasn't that hard, the hard part is that it is SO FAR!! And it was totally dark there. So if you wanna go catch the sunrise a the peak, you have to walk in the dark (duh haha)

Things you will need (For those who wants to go Broga Hill) :
1) Wear shorts (Kristy's friend told her this, because you will have some seeds sticked to your pants if you wear long pants, but it all depends on your preference though, some people are afraid of cold, some are afraid of mosquitoes, it really doesn't matter. But I prefer shorts)

2) Bring torchlight!
We departed in the dawn! Obviously before the sky lightens up so you will need torchlight to walk in the mountain, its dark until you will feel like you're filming national geography. Haha.

3) Bring towel!
You will wanna wipe your sweat away. Duh again haha. And i will encourage you to bring a larger towel so that you can hang on your neck and hold it when you walk, it makes you less tired I guess! And also, you can sit on your towel inside the car on your way back cuz trust me, your butt is going to be really dirty!

4) Bring camera!
You will wanna capture the beautiful sunrise! Normal camera can barely capture the breathtaking view. I saw quite some people bring their DSLR gear up. Aren't they heavy? O_O

5) Bring mosquitoes repellent!
My friend bought this liquid thingy, its like minyak angin from Thailand I guess. Damn nice! When you put some on your skin it makes you feel damn cooling under the hot sun! The smell will make you feel high haha we suspected it contains some drug inside but of course we're just kidding okay.

6) Bring a backpack!
Shorten your backpack strap so that when you are going downhill, you might wanna squat down and slowly move forward to make yourself more steady. You do not want your backpack to scratch the ground! And a backpack is good to throw all your stuffs inside it! *BEST TIP : Get a backpack with multiple compartments so that when you see sunrise/when you see something you wanna snap, you can just grab your phone/camera from the smallest compartment!

7) Go to toilet first before you move out from your house!!
Friends wanna go toilet when they just started hiking and thank God there are toilets there but its like.. A hole and.. A ground hahahaha. Damn smelly and very dark also.

8) Buy yourself a nice hiking shoes with thick sole (Do not buy exact size, 1 size larger if possible.)
Why? Because when you go down, chances are your toes will be banging the front of your shoes. So if you get 1 size larger your toes will not hurt! Speaking from all our friends' experience. And please grab a thick sole hiking shoes, it helps you climb up muchhhh easier!

Broga has 4 small peaks. The first peak and second peak are the nicest to see the views based on my friends. But my brother told me they went all the way up to the 4th peak so I die die also wanna finish climbing! I don't wanna leave Broga with any regrets! So we did it!

At 6:22 am we reached! See the emoticon haha damn suitable for us!

When we reached the 4th mountain there were already many people sitting on the highest rock.
You don't have to feel worry go hiking in the middle of the dark because there are ALOT of people climb. Worrying is just unnecessary.

Ignore the extra legs because that one is stranger's leg haha.

And the sun rises!!! Sometimes you just gotta put in 3 hours of effort just to see the half an hour sunrise. Worth it still.

After that we went down the hill. This is NOT the toughest part of all. The toughest part is the rock below the blue colour shirt guy.

Which is here! I've seen some people climb up easily and some need people's help to get up there. Glad I climbed it up pretty smooth ^_^ There are ropes for you to grab too! How thoughtful.

Another... breathtaking view. This shot was taken on the 4th peak. Is this picture clear enough to show you those 4 peaks? Its like so cute when you see people on 1st,2nd,3rd peak!

Beautiful sunrise! It shines on the plants and make it look like the whole mountain is sparkling !!

And then we saw CUTE DOGGIES !!!!!!!!!! Win liao win liao.

Spot the black poodle? She damn cute! Damn pro in giving poses also. She went up to the highest rock, then people snapping photos of her and she's like,  IM FABULOUS. haha.

Border Collie dog! His name is Tuan hahahahah what a name! Damn cute also!! Super furry and very huge O_O

They have this coconut stall when we're going down! Damn good business strategy lol. We all bought the coconuts =.='''''
See the cute lil girl? Damn cute ahhh!

There there.

Reached Seremban around 12pm. Then we faster nap a while because we're going to PD in a bit =.='

Prepared some food for picnic! Yays!

Friends going for Banana boat! I also want !! Regret why I never bring shirt come haiz.

So nice rite!

German beer thanks Ken!

Cold drinks, sandwiches, sunshine, beaches, guitar, friends. What more can you ask for!

Then we saw errr. Monkey. And then on the owner's head there is another baby monkey... Wrapped in pampers.. So we were wondering how on earth there are such small size pamper? The first thing that came through my mind is they use a sanitary pad wrap it and pretend as pampers

Taking photos by the beach!

Met up with Alvin the horny sailor! Ahem no la he's not horny just that he has this horny tag people gave him that he hang in his car so after that I always call him horny sailor hahaha.

And night, seafood dinner!=D All I can say is....... exhausting but enjoyable trip haha. Thanks for the memories guys! Lets have more in the future!
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