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Posted Saturday, August 18, 2012 // 1 comments (+)
So its still my birthday month !!!! 

Went outing with colleagues months ago! We went to Kota Damansara this time. Attended colleague's church in the morning, then went to have Korean food (I'M CRAZY WITH KOREAN FOOD LATELY kill me!) and then went to sing k! Then went back to Seremban to have dinner at the super yummy fish there. Haha.

Bulgogi! Operated by one Korean couple! Authentic enough haha (I hope the chef also)

They will surely have these kinda equipment for...... BARBEQUE !! :D

Corn tea! At first I was like, ewww what kinda tea is thissss... Then in the end I was like, eh, refill please.. Hahahah..

First off, steamed egg! Yummzzz!

Fried glass noodles! Korean glass noodles are UNBEATABLE! So Q and so.. Yummy!

Fried beef!!! Damn awesome!!

Their side dishes! Serve with fruits as dessert also!! :D

How can you eat a Korean meal without Kimchi soup! Every shop has different taste of Kimchi soup. Some I really kenot take it but this is just nice.

Korean pancake! Very nice also, the side is sooo krispy and inside very soft one.

Topoki! Chao Nian Gao! Sorry I don't know what isit in Mandarine. Very nice alsooooo. =(

I love using their chopstick and spoon! Makes me feel damn exotic hahaha.

Then we went to sing k! =D

Us in the lift! Making full use of the few seconds to snap a pic cuz it has big mirror. Tsk tsk tsk girls. haha

Number 7 room! It was HUGEEE room!

Ok start liao. =.=''

Free flow of drinks!

Me camwhoring :D

Mei Wan and Yikxin!

Very cute background haha

Group shot !! haha
And that pretty much ends it. Had a greatttt day! =D

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