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Posted Wednesday, August 29, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
Recently heard about Pastor Sally's death, makes me feel down for a while. She fought with cancer for I don't remember how long, I just remember every single Sunday morning service, I can hear prayers and updates from her, while she is being treated in hospital.

I even teared when I hear her giving speech, wearing full make up, nice hairdo, wearing long red glamorous dress which makes her look extra beautiful that day, she was standing tall, putting smile all night long, giving speech with a loud voice. Nobody can tell she's fighting with severe cancer if she never tell us.

She said she prayed to God every single day, everyone prays for her, and sometimes her cancer cells just miraculously disappeared. People thought that was mission impossible, but she said it was a miracle. Even though she died still in the end, she made the people around her felt this world actually has HOPE and that we cannot just 100% rely on God for our health, in fact we must do something to our body so that we will not follow her footsteps.

I sometimes imagine, *VERY TOUCHWOOD* what if I have cancers one day? What if I have tumor one day? What if I'm on the very last stage? What if I have breast cancer and in order to get rid of the cancer I have to cut off my breasts? I DO NOT WANT THIS TO HAPPEN, TO ANYONE NEAR ME. TO ANYONE I LOVE AND ANYONE I CARE. I.DO.NOT.WANT.THIS.TO.HAPPEN.

But thank God I went exercise pretty often, even the laziest week of all time I will exercise for at least 1 day. And whenever I think of that horrible thoughts I will start drinking more green tea. I heard it can prevent cancer! And I will start jogging more. I heard jogging and exercising at least 3 times a week can decrease the chances of having breast cancer! So I hope I can keep up this good work.

Been a frequent hiker recently, not yet hardcore but at least for the past few months I've been hiking religiously. (Except for 1 month I sprained my leg I couldn't even walk properly, not to say hike) Thats the only reason stopping me from exercising.

I can proud to say that I'm pretty much ADDICTED to hiking/jogging. I wanna go swim too!
And I'm so happy to have a colleague that LOVES/ADDICTED to exercise as much as I do. We jogged in City park 3 days continously after we've finished our peak period this week. =D =D I'm really really craving for a good intense jog sometimes. Today I saw one familiar face guy, wearing his black sport singlet and shorts, with a iphone arm band on his hand, with his earphone in his head, jogging NON STOP for an hour. He is NOT just jogging slowly but he is... running wth.. NON STOP FOR AN HOUR. Kept bypassing us! Damn impressive. His legs muscles were damn hard and his body was shiny cuz of the sweat. Healthy is the new sexy ^_^
We were damn guilty because we were walking only! That's cuz we were busy talking =.='''' But still we made a few rounds! At least better than nothing!

Thank God peak period is OVER now! And I'm having my last day of intern tomorrow. I can have MORE TIME to exercise! Yeay!!!

Feels like going Gunung Datuk and Gunung Angsi!
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