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Posted Friday, August 17, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
Everytime I go instagram I see : starbucks.
Everytime I go facebook I see : Starbucks .
Everytime i see people check in, I see : Starbucks . Why isit so overly popular and common nowadays ah. Gets kinda annoying ...

Anyways, finally.. NO.MORE.OT! Yays!
Now I can have more time to update blogs.. Read novels.. Paint my nails.. WAtch drama/movies.. Yays Yays Yays !

I have a confession to make : I am a bit overly obsessed with the Internet. The consequences will be I have no time to actually read a newspaper! No time to touch my novels !! No time to watch drama movies or tidy up my room!!! Hope I can change this bad habit !! But I am reading few pages day by day. Getting better hor lol.

The best way for you to learn from mistakes, or avoid making mistakes, is to experience how annoying it is when someone make that mistake . True story!

"One doesn't change, they just become who they want ."

What a quote. Human gets jealous when others get better. But they don't know they can be good if they want too.

And everyone in this world will say : it's not easy, to be me ...

Was a bit too busy with outings lately. Trying to cut down cuz I have no own sweet time! And also I wanna save money haha.

Gonna update more tomorrow morning ! Pinky pwomise! Haha..

Colleague made this. He is damn talented haha. Makes us ladies feel guilty ! It looks really nice !
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