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Posted Friday, August 03, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
So it was my birthday!!! 22nd birthday!!! And I received wishes from friends all around the world ^_^ Sufen even called me all the way from SG! She called me once but I couldn't hear and I saw the number I was like,why this number so weird one? Then when I received the call I heard the.. ever so familiar silly voices..LOL.. And my laogong from JB wished me too! So happie to receive her message ^_^ PS : SHE NEVER PLAY FACEBOOK! So yeah double ^___^ haha.And also friends planned a surprise party for me! And also Siang edited a photo of me and her together LOL. Felt so warm and sweet to have you guys around! May God bless you all. =D

I'm gonna blog about my birthday celebration with my beloved fam first! Then friends ok.

So daddy said we're going to Pavilion for dinner! At first we wanted to have Mdm Kwan as dinner because my parents love Chinese cuisine damn much like kenot separate one. So we went there! Met up with my eldest brother and her gf and also surprise to see Tylor's gf is there too! Wah its like a family dinner le. :D

So we thought we were going to have Mdm Kwan for our dinner but ended up went to Ying Ker Lou (Hakka dishes) to have dinner because Mdm Kwan damn full until have to line up outside.

Very nice atmosphere there!

Some Hakka dishes! Suan pan zi.

Some random pao...Lol inside are made of egg yolk and butter!

Very random also, fried carrot cake!

Hakka fried meat!

Soup! Which all the males do not like.....hahaha

Aww thankies thankies! Was really surprise to receive presents though. It was a long lost favourite tradition of mine T_T

Then we walked around to buy some Macaroons @ TWG!

Err a very blur shot but I think my eldest brother's gf's leg looks good here haha

Can you believe the horse behind kristy is made up just pure cupboards? Smart Japanese!

Put some magenta lipstick on!Hehe. Loveee it!
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