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Posted Monday, July 30, 2012 // 1 comments (+)
Thank you so much for the advanced celebration..Really thank you from the bottom of my heart. Whenever I say from the bottom of my heart, it means 100% truth and no lies ok? From now on :D

Thanks to those who attended OR trying to attend but can't OR planned the whole thing together... Seriously you guys are damn sweet!!! T_____T

I never expect some people to attend at all but they did !!! It was already like a gift to me.. Once my colleague showed up I was dumbfounded.. LOL.. Like seriously....

Then my friend said she started another whatsapp group and they discussed the plan there!

They attended my dinner late (I knew it was a celebration dinner but I never know its like an official and grand one , just a small gathering only I thought..)But it turned out to be a purfect celebration dinner!

The food was SUPERB! The cake was ADORABLE! The gift was DESIRABLE! The attendants were UNBELIEVABLE! haha.

In the end before we all left, I really feel like crying because... They made such efforts just to see Kristy and me smile... :')))))

And when I hugged one of my colleague I just got really reluctant that she's going to leave us and going to work in KL.. And I teared... I'm sorry I caused other people teared as well but I really can't hold on anymore hahah. 

Love you guys...LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU!!!! Thank youuuuu!! What have I done to deserve friends like you all..... T_T

P/s : I always felt closer and warmer when people call me Ah Ying instead of Stephanieee. Hehe. 
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