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Posted Friday, July 06, 2012 // 1 comments (+)
So I heard something from my friend, I was.... backstabbed. Yeap, backstabbed. I was really down, you know that feeling when you heard of something regarding yourself that you'll never expect to hear it at all? That feeling of nervousness when people ACTUALLY think you are like that. The rise of body temperature, the forced smile you have to show others that you're alright and that you can take words easily?

Plus I scratched my car..

I was really down and .. Especially the backstabbing part. Damn. I always tell myself, don't let WORDS hurt you when you're still physically, perfectly fine and nothing changes. Its not worth any price to get hurt over words. I always tell myself that.

But its how others feel about me matters. Sigh.

I was down to that extend that when I watch Spider Man inside the cinema, I was watching! Concentrating! But my heart was thinking about why I was backstabbed. Why why and why. Until I never really catch what the movie is saying. The first half an hour, I wasn't in that movie at all.

Later, the show gets better and.. The moral stories inside tell me that I should move on. I should be stronger. There's nothing that can break me if I can handle backstabs. Mouth is theirs, but no ppl can hate you forever.

And towards the end of the movie, I was quite inspired and touched by the movie. They said some REALLY great line and I REALLY wanna share with you all but STRICTLY NO SPOILER for you all! =)

And my mood got sooooo much better after the show. That RM11 for one show is TOTALLY worth every penny.

So whenever I'm sad, just freaking bring me to a nice movie! Or let me watch a movie. (But I dont watch Chinese and Cantonese movie one cuz based on my past experience, none of them impressed me except Steven Chow's old movies and New Police Story hehe) And then I will be all hopeful and joyful again.=)

Yes I love to watch movies this this this much, words can never express how much I love watching movies!
Even if I'm broke, there's always a 10 bucks for movies. But I can't say that I'm a movie maniac at all because I don't know any directors name and any actor or actress name at all! LOL! =p but yeap, its my best entertainment ever!
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