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Posted Wednesday, July 18, 2012 // 2 comments (+)
Just got back from Jusco! It's J card day haha. So crowded there! And I almost got late to my work this morning! Why? Freaking jam. Why jam? People rushing to jusco =\

And today I finished work at 6+! Why? J card day. Y? Whole office rushing to jusco for their last minute shopping. LOL no, really.

Friday is approaching which means.. Movie !! :) The Dark Knight ! Yatta !

Peak period ends next week. Endure Steph endure!

Dogs bark when they don't know the person. So don't be sad when someone judge you and talk bad bout u . Thats just because they don't know you at all. :)

Fat? Bulimia.
Skinny? Aneroxia.
Nice ? Fake.
Not nice? Unfriendly.
Don't get mad? Some motive behind.
Gossips? Busybody
Don't join the gossips? She doesn't belong to our gang.
Virgin? Too good.
Non virgin? Slut.

You can't please the world.
So judge all you want and watch us rise !

Give em hell, turn their heads,
Gonna live life till we're dead. :))

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