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Posted Tuesday, July 24, 2012 // 3 comments (+)
I should be sleeping right now but I must must blog this .

Just got back from overtime until 10 o'clock! Then boss said , *mumbles something* overtime. So I thought Har he wants us to stay longer and work ah ?! *oo okay lo........*

But then he asked : wanna go overtime ? I was like WTH!!! LOL then I said oh no no no today Tuesday, not a good day for beer. But he insisted to go and then all of us went !! Just to relax a bit hehe. So in the end we drank quite a lot and boss paid the bill !!! So guilty cuz it's gonna be damn expensive cuz colleagues ordered few buckets and some starkers and pork knuckles and some French fries !! Thanks a lot..

He lectured us the whole drinking session, teaching us how to be successful etc. frankly I will never get Bored of motivational talks lol. I admit I enjoy listening to intellectual talks.

And I got to know my boss and some of my seniors pasts. Damn those are hard days and now I finally know why my mom always mention us as "the lucky kids nowadays" :( ...one of my colleagues used to sleep only 5 hours everyday cuz they have to bear their own expenses. They went to collect rubber during midnight or dawn!!! :( sigh. While we can barely even survive sleeping only 5 hours PeR day. Speaking about lucky Steph.

Another friend of my boss , who was in investment banking only get to sleep 3 hours per week. Look at the amount of hardwork they put in and have to go through. That's why they are successful these days. :( damn. Behind all these people there are really something unexpected. And... Something hard and depressing.... Sigh if only I see everyone like they have their own hard stories , I'll treat them freaking good with respects.

On my way home at 1 o'clock, daddy texted me : why so late?

FYI my dad is a super stern, strict, cool guy that seldom talk to me. But he texted me and guess what. When I reached home I saw my dad watching some TVB drama when he should already be sleeping in his own comfy bed in his own pajamas. But he was waiting for my door..... :'(... For 3 freaking hours.......

T.T...... daddy.......... I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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