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Posted Monday, July 23, 2012 // 1 comments (+)

every morning i wake up, i'll moan and no-tears-cry a bit because i love to sleep that much....

Its like I've slept for 8 hours and a half and I still feel sleepy! What kinda creature I am, pig ?!!!?

Today I experienced something that I had never experienced before - my tongue cramp hahahahhahahahahah... Grr its pretty annoying ok!

Peak season gonna end soon! Which means, I'm gonna be busier and busier this week. But never mind lah gonna over soon also. Hehe.

Today finished work at 8 ah so lucky right! Supposed to OT until at least 10pm one but oh well its a good news anyway so no need ask why ^_^

And when I come back I really wanna watch movie! The Fighter! OR the fight club! But ended up facebook until now I am going to sleep already =.=''

Come to think of it, work life is actually pretty good. You can earn money, and then work work work and come back sleeep! If you're lucky you can get to go gym in the evening, watch movies in your own comfy pajamas and stuff. Sometimes if you have extra time, can even read a book! Kinda systematic I would say. But the only pain is that my super long working hours + everyday wake up so early. =.=

Alright gotta go and sleep! Toodles =D
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