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Posted Sunday, July 15, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
Ahh what a beautiful Sunday, where everyone finally can have a WHOLE DAY to rest!

I saw a news about our cars are costing us houses and I was like, SO TRUE. That makes me wanna immigrate to US! I love US stuff but only thing is that their education is a bit umm. I don't know, I have a perception that Asians syllabus are harder and more advanced. I so wanna immigrate to US but the thing is, I don't wanna leave my parents here!

After all the things that they had did to me, I.. just can't. Sometimes I'm thinking, for the brighter future, I shall. But think about them, I can't do that. T____T Is there any perfect solution for this?

I sprained my ankle on Friday. And if you all knew me, I hurt my left ankle couple years ago in PD. I was walking down the stairs so fast (I don't even know why) and then snap. my left ankle twisted and I can't even walk. Then before I went to camp in secondary school, I sprained my left ankle again, almost can't make it to the camp LOL.

And then few days ago when I was walking down the stairs with heels, I almost fall down hahahahaha. And hence, the sprained ankle. =.=''

So mom took me here and there to find some chinese doctors to cure my leg. Thanks mom...T_____T although she will nag and scold and all that but.. Look what you have done? You drove me here and there, called this and that to make sure they are not closed during sunday, and make sure my leg is wrapped. Thanks mom....T_T

Anyway,pictures time!

Ok lets start off with Ah Pan aka my best friend forever's birthday!

I got quite a lot of best friends actually. I kenot name them all! But I truely love you guys and appreciate you guys alright. You guys mean alot to me.

So it was a surprise party for her! And it was quite a tough surprise party because she was holding her bf's phone all the time and I cannot contact with him. =.=' but anyway,we made it!

Hello acne. Proves that I'm still young wth...haha

Bought her Cache Cache dress. Wanna make her look girlish yo! =p

Playing with Amelia's new cam. Hehe =D

Her birthday card! This was really funny. I was playing with Amelia's cam, snapping this and that then Ah Pan, sitting next to me said, I also wanna c! So we were browsing the photos inside and then... She saw this which she is NOT supposed to see - her surprise birthday present and card. FML FML LOL. So I was like EH EH EH next photo next photo. Then she was like.. 


While waiting for the food... Need I say more? Hehe..

The cute birthday girl. We knew each other for 13 years already! Cheers to that!!

This is also another bff of mine. We knew each other more than 5 years already.

The girls!!

The food!

Their famous carbonara! The best carbonara is still Antonio's!!

Kristy's bigggg asssss fish and chip. The best fish and chip is err actually Mori's one near MMU. haha

She cuts her hair shorter and shorter day by day....Lawyer in the making!

Then we went Paparich for 2nd round yumcha session.

I prefer we go PD.......T_T

Thats all for today! Will update more tomorrow cuz I'll be taking leave!

Goodnight world. Sweeeet dreams!
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