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Posted Monday, June 04, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
When I grow up I'm going to get a dog!! I can't believe I say this, really. I used to have no interest in dogs or pets whatsoever but I'm so going to get one in the future!!

After having Timmy as a pet you just wanna have some MORE pets! I wanna get a cat actually but I think a cat is too dumb to respond to me when I call them. But dogs are like, from one place, and I yell his name he will come to me! And wave his tail and look at me like so cute ^_^

And I wanna have my babies get connected to dogs too. They can help me babysit my babies too haha but not horny dogs ok! I just love to see my babies and my doggies lying on the bed sleeping cuddling each other ^___^

But one thing though... Whose gonna clean up their shits!!! I will be too damn lazy for this.. can they just wear diapers????

Having Timmy is good but too bad he doesn't respond to me when I yell his name haih. And he can't be toilet trained! But hor he's super duper cute when he's staring up at you with his innocent eyes and piggy nose!!!

His cage is alwaysssss smelly but whenever he looks at me I'll feel like..... Damn!! You're just too cute to be angry at!!! Grrr..

I actually loveeeee hamsters a lot but they died freaking easily. Had experienced once before and my brother experienced before too. Rooney's death was.... really heart aching. T_T

I really used to dislike pets because I think whenever they open their mouth, they ARE going to eat me. But not until I have Timmy haha. When he opens his mouth I just love to put my fingers in it and let him chew because erm.. Its some bonding time yo!! hahaha lolol

That's it for today! Happy tuesday........ =.=

And congratz we all survived our monday blue.

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