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Posted Friday, June 29, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
Some said its useless how good one treats you, but how he treats you AFTER a huge fight. I think its pretty true.

Sometimes in life, we'll meet ALL SORTS OF PEOPLE. Sometimes we might be hating that person so much but can we just punch them on the face or throw something sarcastic to them in their face? NO we cannot do that! ''I might be smiling to you but in my brain I've stabbed you few times.'' LOL!

My word of advise? KEEP CALM and walk away if you're not comfortable with that situation. Just walk away politely. =) Nobody got hurt and you don't have to force yourself facing all the bullshits.


Some people talk, they never THINK! All they want is just get the shits out of their mouth. Just blab out everything, like... diarrhea you know. Just wanna get out of every shits and then only you're feeling comfortable. There are people just like this.

Became listeners for some friends lately. After hearing their stories, I was like, WOW LIFE IS REALLY A DRAMA! I REALLY DONT KNOW WHY. It seems like these will ONLY happen in movies but guess what Steph? You've heard some, witnessed some. Sometimes I feel how ridiculous one did something without even do some basic thinking.

Never mind, revenge is sweet. God will make you watch it. And I witnessed it today too LOL! I'm not laughing at them but yeahhhhhhhh there is such thing as karma. For your own sake, think before you speak next time. =)

How funny I've gotten numb over all these.

Its nothing big afterall. =)

Just got back from Abraham Lincoln! Boy oh boy that show is damn awesome!!!! Go watch it if you haven't already!!!! ^_^

From that movie, I learnt about how much true friendship means to me. =')
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