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Posted Saturday, June 02, 2012 // 0 comments (+)
Sorry this was so overdue already and now only I posted it up!!

Took leave on Friday to Melaka bcuz most of them graduated already, wanna have some last gathering with them, and I'm glad I made that choice. Because if not I wouldn't have realized suddenly, they're all gone when I return to my campus on October.

To those who I haven't met, we will meet next time! =)

That's me, alone, drove all the way down there to meet them!

So I fetched Sufen first, this girl slept while texting with me and I had to wait for her inside the car for another 1 hour =_=''. Went to

Went to the new Jaya 99 Nadeje brunch because I never been there before! ^_^

Ordered their crepe cake. Yumssss.
If you're going to order, you order original, green tea, tiramisu, double tone chocolate, praline ONLY okay those are the delicious ones and others suck. Just like what Sufen ordered, Mango Yoghurt, not nice!

My bottle hahahaha.

And she asked me to teach her DIY something for her friends. It has been damn long since I did all these!

Wearing my own DIY pearl earring!

So she told me, Eh I really love BBQ Bazaar le. But nobody wanna accompany eat one.  Then I said, I love it very much tooo!!!! haha and she showed me her member card =.=

Look how beautiful this place is..=D

Went Simply Fish to meet with other boys!!!

Our group photo =D

After that went Library for some drinks. Wanted to go Mixx at first but the boys were wearing shorts and slippers!! So we ended up here.

Haha teaching them how to play monopoly!

Then we went back home. And when I was about to step inside my room, only... I... realize....I'm not going to meet them anymore. =( Especially Sufen, you've been my bestie throughout these 4 years in MMU. We went to the gym together, we went to each other's room to gossip on bed together... And lots of stuffs sigh. And only I knew we're not going to meet anymore. So I facebook message her said : I LOVE U SO MUCH!!! And she said, I almost cried when we said goodbye just now. T___________T

I hate farewells!! And I'm going to miss you so much!!!

Went KL the next day!

Spot the odd!

Good job for hijacking my phone and upload instagram WITHOUT me inside.

So freaking cheap and delicious!! Haha not really super duper cheap la but compare to some Melaka's japanese shop its counted as so cheap already! Plus so much nicer!


After hours of walking around in the mall, we went back to our hotel, took a bath and prepare for 7pm's Avengers!! And also some KL night life! ^_^

Who doesn't love to smell good! Hehe =D
I'm particularly attracted to guys who smell good. Cuz...... I dont know why. Perfume is sexy.

Hipster much? lol

Kristy and her Thor! I love Hawkeye and Ironman! Ok la no doubt Thor is super sexy in his muscles though (I sometimes fantasize having a muscular bf and get to lie on his chest or just touch his sexy chest muscles WAHAHAHAHAHHA)

Imax!! I look very cool hor hahaha

That show was superb! Loveeee it!!

Us inside changing room!

Bought some mochi. Love their chocolate, red bean and green tea flavour.

Then at night, all thanks to Yixi for bringing us to such awesome place! The food was ... thumbs up. All I can say. Haha

Then then then..... go for some drinks! ^_^

The next morning, rise and shine!!

Kristy's MBMJ earring haha

So that day was mother's day. I was surfing facebook and I saw ppl sharing this. Do jeh ma mi sang dak ngor gam leng zai/ leng lui. HAHAHAHAH!!

Had some famous fish noodles for breakfast!

Then, went to Pavilion for some walk ^_^

Happy Mother's Day. <3
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