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Posted Tuesday, June 19, 2012 // 0 comments (+)

Hello! Promised to blog yesterday but no time to do so so today I shall! I actually uploaded all the photos yesterday but by the time I finished uploading 'em, it was... almost 12 =.='' so I think, bah forget it, tomorrow first!

And here I am! As promised. =)

Hmm I gotta arrange pictures according to timeline first so they look slightly more organised and well flow haha.

First up, went seremban OT with colleague! (Bobo only hahahaha) and also Yikxin and my sister. We.. chat until 2 if i'm not mistaken? The next morning have to OT somemore! But you know, girls... Just love to talk! Pity Kristy though she knows nothing about what we talked. Because we were talking bout work work and work. The beer in OT was super expensive =.='' and friday itself has NO PEOPLE at all! I think no more next time hahaha. Unless there are more crowded!

Look at this Timmy. He can't wait to eat his food! Because we fed him sweet potato that day, he just love it! And he super love durian, its like his life like that.  =.=''''

Cant you wait?!!

Went to check out the new gym at s2 with colleagues! Then this trainer looks hot right hahaha. But you definitely kenot judge him from this photo because he doesn't look good at all but when you look at him in real life, he's tall, muscular on particular parts and he loves to smile! Hehe..

Right after our regular OT on saturday, we went to Bukit Kepayang for some hiking! It wasn't something big la ok we just wanna do some exercise only. Jogging in City Park doesn't make us sweat that much so we went for hiking instead. And was addicted since the first time! This is our.. I think 5th time already!

Spotted this on someone's car. Damn nice hor..

I pandai pandai skipped lunch because we had late breakfast and we hike at 4 pm so yeah. Then when I was climbing I felt like I'm going to black out any second!! Then luckily colleague deliver 100plus to us T______T he is a regular climber and to him climbing here and there like nothing only.

Kristy whacking mosquitoes hahaha. 

The peak!!

And then saw monkeys in the temple!! Immediately remind me of Kelling Phang hahahaha he loves monkey. She is the ONLY friend i know that loves monkey. =.='' I can never understand why. haha

This time climb with a new member, Ivy! She is a mother of 2 and she's tiny and cute and errr very very matured. She's quite an inspiring person to me.

This is really like jungle trekking instead of mountain climbing eh? Loves it!!

Down the hill.. We climbed for 2 hours that day and the next day, ALL of us had sore legs =.=''

We went down from the hill and reached a piece of empty land inside the jungle.

And saw some Orang Asli bathing  hahahahaha.

It was really nice to go hiking! Trying Broga next, then Angsi last. I often admire those climbers who have no feelings at all when they reach the peak one. Makes me feel damn useless! =.=

Saturday night! Yumcha at the regulars. We talked about...... BODY BUILDING! Lately, all of my friends were crazy bout body building. I'm so glad they loved it! I love muscular guy and I also love curvy girls! I used to like girls who are SKINNY. But right now I prefer curvy and a bit chubby one hehe.

My friend .. He... He conquered Mount Kinabalu.. LOL.. Just when we were talking about Broga, Angsi, he conquered this damn hill. T_______T JEALOUS!!

The whole process took em freaking 3 days =.=''

Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints, keep nothing but memories. How well said T_T I wish I can witness this myself too! So proud of him!!!

Sunday noon, sing k!!! Thank you for letting me accomplish my dream.... Been craving for sing k session very damn long dy!! And we were singing payphone that time! ^^

And then we met up with KS in Old Town to discuss about our Cameron plan this saturday!! So can't wait.......... Been there so many times but still it excites me!! We chose Cameron over Genting! Hehe..

Then, dinner at Paparich on Father's day. It was... really a coincidence my dad wanna go there lol. Papa rich on papa's day, not bad huh? =P

 Just when I thought we will end our sunday night with this, we went for Madagascar instead! That show was just so so. I don't really like cartoons really. I thought I can enter it earlier for trailers but all also cartoon trailers =.=''''

Then before going back home, we went McD with the bunch too!

Alright hope ya'll enjoy this post. Gotta go! C ya. =)

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