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Posted Friday, June 15, 2012 // 0 comments (+)

BIG NEWS MMU HEADLINE today. Spotted a malay girl attempting to commit suicide (or not?) in EP building.

At first Xue Yee whatsapp me those photos and I was like,OMG BURGLARY in my house?! Is that my house! Actually that was one storey above mine. And I said, what happened? She said she acted really weird by throwing alot of things to the ground, some said she sang happy birthday song (I dont know whether its true) and she kept cursing here and there.

When I got back home, I told my sister, only I got to know that....... she is my sister's classmate. I know her too! She wasnt feeling well so she started behaving oddly.

We were dumbfounded, literally. We had dinner with her before! And Kristy appeared to be her close friend in class. I really don't want you to jump. =((((( Please, cherish your precious life? I know life has been hard for you but girl, just take it easy. Nothing can hurt you other than you yourself. Nothing can bring you down unless you allow that to happen. Just..stay strong okay? Go ahead, cry all you want, shout at the sea all you want. But after that, LIFE GOES ON. March on like a strong soldier! Straighten up! It ain't easy but hey, others can do this, why cant you?

Be strong and do not ever attempt anything like this anymore okay? I don't wanna lose someone that I actually know!!!

And to others, I really don't understand why you guys kept scolding her asking her why don't wanna jump etc. BEFORE YOU KNOW ABOUT HER STORY, STOP.. JUST SHUT YOUR MOUTH UP if you're gonna say discouraging words. IF she really jump off that building BECAUSE you guys stupid mouth never think before speak ask her to do so, I bet you're gonna regret for the rest of your life. Words can kill too.

Please use your brain lahhhhh I really don't know why sometimes people talk damn stupid. Like never use brain one. Even sometimes they talk like.. They are BOASTING but they think they are not. Urgh I really can't stand people who don't use their brain before they talk. Damnnn annoying!!! You know your irresponsible words can cause a big scene? =.='''''''

Just.. gonna ignore them. What goes around, comes around.

Stay strong everyone! We shall survive. We freaking deserve it! =)
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